For that beautiful person

This blog seldom receives hits, comments and visits and I prefer things to remain that way. If I will gain readership and followers, I wanted to play by quality and not by quantity. I am happy and contented with a few, loyal and true followers.

I checked my account this morning and I was surprised with a pending comment. The exact words uttered by an anonymous visitor is this,

Kala ko nmn ang gaganda nyo, nothin’ but climbers!”

The unknown user commented in one of my 30 day blog challenge posts, where I related my mall escapade with my two girlfriends. 

I never liked confrontations. I always prefer silence and independence. Whenever someone attempts to hurt me with painful words, I usually end up ignoring the incident and allow things to pass away. I might be hurt to a certain extent but I just leave things that way.  I don’t pursue actions that could further aggravate the situation.

In this case, a dressed-to-be-brave anonymous user is trying to engage me in a spat. If I am the only target of the dirty challenge, I would simply place the comment in the trash button. After all, every crap is destined to be dumped and trashed. However, this attention deprived anonymous user has lambasted two of my treasured friends. Here’s what I have to say…

Dear Anonymousa,

You look like a person whose character is as fake and frightened as your anonymous name. I didn’t force you to read and browse my blog. So there’s no one to blame for your bitterness, except yourself.

So how do you define beauty? If beauty means having the heart to judge and utter stark words to other people, then I prefer not to own such trait. If being beautiful means having a mind and mouth filled with filthy words, then I’d rather give you all the beauty in the world.

And by the way, though you chose to be anonymous, WordPress gave me the IP address you were using

If I am not mistaken, you are from Taguig City and you are using a connection powered by ePLDT Ventus Garnet Pasig.

Since I am not bugging your beautiful life, you might as well move away from my page who doesn’t care to bother the lives of socialites and beautiful people like you.


2 thoughts on “For that beautiful person

  1. An unsolicited opinion if I may say from one of those pathetic people who covets other people’s happiness… Probably just needs attention. I do not know if I’d laugh at this anonymous person or feel sorry for her.

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