Only kids of OFWs can own an iPad?

Our humble home was filled with relatives from my maternal family yesterday. We don’t often have visitors at home so this rare instance is something that my family really looks forward.

We had plenty of kid visitors and you know how kids nowadays become occupied and entertained…. gadgets! Kid 1 is behaved because he was busy with a brand new  iTouch. Kid 2 on the other hand was restless because she has nothing on her hand. Kid 2 kept bugging me for my iPad to which I never gave in. However, one of my cousins gave my iPad to Kid 2. Kid 1 went envious and you know what happened next…They rumbled and I was left praying that God will send his angels to protect my precious iPad. LOL

After an hour, Kid 2 gave up the iPad. I have predicted that she would easily return my iPad because I intentionally didn’t install much games. After all, I never purchased the iPad as an entertaining device.

While Kid 2 was using my iPad, she pointed out something that surprised me. Kid 2 asked me how did I own an iPad if my Father does not work abroad.

As much as I don’t want to overanalyze the simple situation, a number of speculations kept lingering in my mind. Kid 2’s conclusion gave me some realizations and questions on how the mind of a typical kid, at least in my family, works.

Kid 2 perhaps developed such idea because his own Father and uncles are OFWs. Whenever they come home, she observes the new gadgets and appliances inside their home. She had this idea that such gadgets can only be bought abroad.  This perhaps already explains everything.

Another idea which somehow frightened me is her own standards of wealth and achievement. I hope Kid 2 doesn’t grow up to become prejudiced to kids without OFW parents. I pray that Kid 2 will not underestimate her friends and classmates, who don’t have parents who can buy them gadgets and all those material wealth. I hope Kid 2 will learn to see the value of respect, friendship and acceptance beyond all the material wealth that seem to shape the purpose of our existence.


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