It was the first. I hate to utter these cheesy words but I made a number of firsts for that one great story. And what I gained from those attempts are false hopes and a one great… I hate to say it….heartbreak. Worst about everything is that I knew from the start that I never had the right to feel hurt. I wasn’t given any signs of hope and optimism. I allowed myself to hold on to something that will never be mine.

At that point of my life, another set of trials came. I thought my life is about to end. I allowed myself to be miserable. I burned some bridges and was forced to throw away some chapters of my life.

The only thing that healed me was time. Years passed and I never realized that I am starting to forget that darkest chapter of my life.  Opportunities in my career came and that helped me rebuild myself. I stood up and succeeded for myself .

I was all settled when our paths crossed again.

I know you no longer recognized me. But for me, all those memories are vividly clear as yesterday. You form one of those unforgotten and unclosed chapters of my life. But to go through the same process all over again, I will not allow.

If it wasn’t really meant it, I’ll painfully leave things that way.


2 thoughts on “Unrequited

  1. Hi Diane… I know this blog might be a little… sad. And I feel for you. You know, been there, done that. I just want to share with you that I think, I KNOW, you will find that closure sooner or later. I admire your resilience girl…

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