Day 12 – Lost

Two more days and this blogging series will be over. Last Friday, Anne invited me to watch The Vow. I said yes because the film stars one of my super crushes, Channing Tatum.  Rawr! Haha  Seriously, I agreed because I will finally see our other girlfriend, Anna.  It’s the first time the three of us will be reunited in 2012.

Before the movie,  Anne gave me a pack of Hershey’s Kisses. I accepted it without asking what was it for. I only realized everything when Anna said that it was Anne’s Valentine’s present for us. What is happening to me? 😉 I’m doing this challenge yet my brain is not telling me that it will be V day soon.

Our movie date was almost a success if only the movie pleased me. I don’t want to disappoint those who are still planning to watch. But if my opinion will be asked, I didn’t find anything spectacular with the film. It was inspired from a real story but the plot wasn’t enough to affect me. 

Last year, I never felt being out of place on February 14 because I was engrossed with work. I was waiting the entire day for my students to finally submit their business plans. We were all waiting in vain. I treated myself to a good meal, had dinner with Anne a week before and went home tired and sleepy. This year, I have my evening classes (hoping the kids will not leave me alone). The next day I’m bound for an out-of-town work. So I have to sleep early and prepare.

I don’t know what is bound to happen on the next days, even on the series of out-of-town works waiting.  I just hope that everything will turn out fine. I’ll find reasons to be happy and lucky 🙂

PS I know this appears to be a lousy post. I am just tried and still have pending free-lance work to do 😦 Will try to catch up and make a better post tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Lost

  1. I am quite indifferent about Valentine’s, too. In love or out of love, I have never been inclined to celebrating it. There’s something about its acute cheesiness that is somehow off-putting. But do I turn away a chance to take home a bag of candies? I would more than be happy to accept. That’s the only upside-candies and treats.

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