Day 10 – Happy and Loved

A few words of appreciation can cure any form and level of stress ūüôā

After ranting about the sleepless nights as a result of painstakingly reading, reviewing and editing the papers of my students, all my stressessss somehow disappeared yesterday. A number of my colleagues recognized the works of my students. Some of them told me that most of my students’ works are¬†very¬†refined and organized. Wow! That was all music to my¬†ears. Although of course I don’t totally own the credit.¬† Just¬†knowing that I was a part of their works made me feel that I have done something good.

For those who¬†know me well, you know how¬†much¬†I hate both¬†attention¬†and¬†attention seekers. But of course, a different story goes whenever I teach. ūüôā Ironically, I’m a very quiet person even though my profession requires me to talk and catch everyone’s attention.

I¬†never wanted the attention of everyone.¬†I¬†love and will continue to love my quiet life. ¬†I live in the principle of¬†“mind¬†your own business.”¬†If you want a harmonious relationship, we simply perform our expected tasks. Period! ¬†I don’t¬†demand¬†and stress myself with¬†awards¬†or recognitions. Like I said, I never wanted everyone’s attention. I’m happy and contented knowing that I am the person who keeps her words and always get things done… correctly… and on time. But when people begin to notice the products of my hardwork, I admit¬†that it makes me happy too. ¬†It leaves that rare smile on my face. I call those rare instances¬†as perfect little moments and this is something that money can never afford.

My source of happiness is so shallow. Simple things, simple words are more than enough to make me happy. A pat on the back from my boss, real words of grattitude from my students and knowing that I get things done; they are more than enough to make me feel that I have worth in this world.


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