Day 8 – The price to pay

Before I start this post, allow me to relate my current mood. The longest time I was late for work was when the mass rail transit failed to operate as a result of the strong winds of a typhoon, which I can’t even remember. The other instance was when my hometown suffered its worst nightmare, the typhoon Ondoy. All roads to our place was blocked and in cases when there are alternative routes, most of the public transportation were soaked to that horrifying flood.

The weather was good this morning. I thought this day was like those of my monotonous work week. On the way to the waiting shed, I noticed the unusual long lines of fellow passengers. No fx or jeepney was arriving. Then someone told me that our hometown is currently the location site of that US based film today. Dammit! No one at home bothered to tell me. Life goes on so I made all means to avoid the competition among the bulk of passengers. I found an fx taxi that took alternate routes and to everyone’s dismay, nothing worked. Phew! Thank God I was still able to report for work after 2 hours of traveling. Hello salary deductions!

Don’t get me wrong with this post. I am not against the US movie. I in fact appreciate them because they chose my country among other places. But will this inconvenience be always the consequence of a blooming tourism industry? The country earns something, but what about the welfare of local hardworking citizens?

I love my country. I am proud of it. I am willing to support all tourism related activities that will empower the economy. But if it will mean sacrificing and experiencing great inconveniences…. Hello government? Please do your share for us.


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