Day 5 – Sunday Love Affair

My favorite days of the week are Fridays and Saturdays. Friday means last day from work and Saturday means more sleeping hours and rest. While Sunday is still a rest day, I do not really love the idea that today is Sunday. The day reminds me that this is the last vacay, I have to finally accomplish the work left and my entire system is already directed to the stretch of another possibly stressful week. Yes I know happiness is highly influenced by perception. Negative thoughts breed a negative outlook. But really, that’s how life has been working for me.

But if I were to rule, this is how I wanted to spent my Sunday.

I wanted to have my own weekend home. A place in Antipolo or Tagaytay will do. I wanted a lower temperature and a relaxing place away from the chaotic city life. My weekend home in a small farm or a small zen garden would work as the best stress buster facility.

Sunday also means having healthy and organic meals. My entire system is penetrated by poisons from preservatives as a result of my everyday consumption of junk foods. Having strictly healthy Sundays is something I would greatly appreciate.

Listening to good, old, mellow songs and the sound of a moving water from a fountain or a man made waterfalls. At least once a week, I would love to have this kind of silence. Away from the rants of my neighbors, students and all those noise from the city.

I wanted to be away from my mobile phone and other electronic devices. My mobile phone has become a part of my everyday necessity. However, I can attest that I can live without it for a day.

Wearing my most comfortable pajamas the entire day on a Sunday. Light and comfortable clothes without having the need to worry of how I look would be a great blessing.   

Lastly, Sunday means spending it to the people who makes me feel beautiful, important and loved.

How about you? If given the chance, how do you want to spend your Sundays?


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