Day 1 – Be still my heart

Life is not so good right now. Despite the busy schedule, bulk of papers to review, revise, some other personal issues are forcing their way in my occupied system. But before I rant again, allow me first to introduce this new challenge I am undertaking.

14 Days of Love Challenge

In 14 consecutive days, I have to prepare a random post that deals with the topic I usually avoid to write 😀  Anything goes, as long as it’s about love or a better way of saying it is…what does my heart says (Ang cheesy lang  LOL)

I do not want to detail what I am going through right now. It’s one of those shameful stages where my heart appears to have its own mind

Please be still my heart. You were supposedly created to make me alive. But what  you are doing to me is contradictory to your purpose of existence. Each day becomes a battle with my ownself. Please be still my heart…


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