From rejection to redemption

Perhaps I expected too much…

After a rejuvenating long weekend, I felt the optimism and energy to start the week. I was late for class yet I felt accomplished because I was able to discuss the topics within my expected coverage.

I was home alone in the office. The boss was not around and I was checking the paperworks left on my table. After identifying the tasks, I checked my email and in just a snap…. the positive outlook faded away

That f word! FAILURE in the form of rejection…

The dream is over.

In my desire to find upliftment in this sad and drowning stage of my life, I found this

Dear God,

Uncertainty is one of the greatest challenges that life offers. However, I always hold on to the belief that every uncertainty also hosts endless possibilities.

My high expectations perhaps led me to feel rejection. As always, I do not know where this dark road would lead me. I hope this rejection only serves as an entry point to the door of redemption. Please give me another chance, another opportunity or at least, another try…

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