Three Random Stories

I called Office 1 to retrieve a document that needs to be signed by the Office Head. Staff 1 told me that Office Head is attending a meeting somewhere out there, outside the vicinity of the workplace. I went out of my workstation to take my afternoon break and  the first person I saw was Office Head. 😀

Yesterday, I went to Power Mac Service Center to have my iPad checked. All my downloaded applications stopped working after syncing it to my netbook. Staff 1 told me that the only remedy for such problem is to re-sync and update my iTunes and iPad. I asked him what are the possible causes of such problem. He gave the most scientific explanation…. resync and update. Fine 🙂 After crossing the MRT and the LRT, rushing from Gateway Mall to the Araneta Center MRT Station, I will only receive two words. 

A week ago, I discussed to my students the right way to determine the sample size of a survey, in cases WHEN THE POPULATION is UNKNOWN. I referred them to a site that automatically does the computing. The night after the discussion, my student asked me, Ma’am what shall we do if WE DON’T KNOW THE SIZE OF THE POPULATION? Just when I said, can everyone follow the discussion.. Everybody said…YEEEES!

4 thoughts on “Three Random Stories

  1. Hahaha, funny stories! But I can relate to the third one, not as a professor but as a student. We used to answer in unison in college, even if we don’t really know what is being asked. The common scenario was like answering “YES!” with the entire class and then asking your seatmate what you just said yes to 😛

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