Dear Old School Adviser

For some who have been religiously reading my posts, you are more or less familiar with my free lance work. Aside from my office and teaching job, I do research consultations for thesis writing students. My clients are usually masteral students who are experiencing difficulties in writing their thesis.

Setting aside the additional earnings, I always look forward in accepting this kind of job. I am able to meet people from different industries, I am able to learn something new from their work and more importantly, I am given the chance to write.

This job however never came as a walk in the park for me. There’s always a unique problem that emerges from every new client I encounter.  So the idea of learning something from past experiences does not really apply in this job. Surely, there are new forms of problems that emerge and mutate.

My current client is another unique case. Client has been doing his part. He is diligent and more than dedicated in finishing his paper. The problem arises from his Thesis Adviser. Call me self-centered and selfish, but I think adviser has been causing us problems.

In my own assessment, the Adviser has not been thoroughly reading the paper of my Client. In their previous meeting, the adviser has made minor comments and changes on the paper.  I always respect the adviser so we revised the paper based on Adviser’s comments. Client resubmitted the revised paper and to my surprise, Adviser made comments that are contradictory to his previous comments. Phew! An adviser who changes his mind every meeting and consultation. In case any of my readers are writing their thesis and are about to choose an adviser, please consider this trait. Be sure that you have an adviser who doesn’t change his mind as often as the weather.

Yes, I don’t have the right to complain because I am paid and I am not the student who carries the pressure of completing the paper. I pity my Client and his efforts. He has been so cooperative and hard working and yet an antagonist Adviser has been ruining his efforts.

Dear Old School Adviser,

If by any chance you are reading this post, please place yourself in the shoes of your hardworking Advisee. He has been doing everything to please you. We have been religiously following your instructions for revisions.  I am not asking for consideration. I am begging you to do your  job.  You are not suppose to play the antagonist role here. Please show your support and consistency.. please

3 thoughts on “Dear Old School Adviser

  1. Old School Adviser had better read this. I can only imagine the frustration from you and, of course, much more of it from Client. Nevertheless, I am confident that Client will pull through it. He has got an A-one consultant, after all. ;P

    1. Hi Addie! Wow thanks 😀 Thank you for always visiting and commenting in my rarely visited and boring page 🙂 Sorry if I haven’t visited your blog. Will visit and read your inspiring posts as soon as my workload subsides… 🙂

      1. Boring page? I beg to differ. And no pressure on the visit. I always come by ‘for the pleasure’ of reading your interesting posts. No other reason. No insinuations. 😀

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