An Unexpected Attempt for Best Costume

Now that I have more than enough time to blog, how ironic that I have to force myself to get up and write. 🙂 Pardon the bragging but I am just savoring my once a year holiday break for two weeks. This is the only benefit I enjoy as a result of working for a school.  Lesser pay comes with more vacay!  Aside from staying in bed, reading books, playing with my pad, I most of the time out (guilty) shopping and mall hopping either with Nanay (mother) or with one of my girlfriends, Anne.

Before my much awaited vacay, I was looking forward on my last day at work. In our case, last reporting day on December meant the annual Christmas Party.  I don’t know if it’s the same in your workplace, but my former boss started this tradition of having themed Christmas parties. Every year,  employees  are required to dress up with the theme. I enjoy seeing my colleagues dress up and make fun of themselves. But in my case, let us just say that I am one of those reserved or almost the “killed joy” employees. I am one of the those hard headed people who don’t take the time and effort to plan, purchase or rent a costume. I just haul my closet and check whatever can fit.  If  I have to purchase, I’ll see to it that I’ll venture to something I can practically use.

For this year, we were instructed to dress up in Spanish inspired costumes. Whew! When I googled images of Spain’s national costume, my initial reaction was NO WAY!  I found huge ruffled sleeves, peticoat layered skirts, black veil with a tiara, flowers, red and yellow dresses, almost similar to what females wear in a Flamenco dance. Wow! Though there’s a cash incentive for the best dressed, it was never my dream to earn that award. I want the money but never the award LOL!

I suddenly found my unusual self thinking of what to wear on our last day. With the help of the Holy Spirit, (perhaps) I remembered that Spain recently won the FIFA World Cup. With that in mind, I thought of wearing Spain’s national football jersey. Anyway, we were instructed to wear only “Spanish inspired” costume. My male colleague loved my idea and so my first attempt to plan a costume for the Christmas party happened. Rather than wearing red layered skirts,

I’d rather buy and wear this jersey

This one suits my personality and I guess this a more practical purchase. I can use the jersey for my (hopefully) regular weekend jogging.

So after so much thinking, I ended up with this

I’m the member in the darkest jersey.  I guess I purchased the old design of Spain’s National Football Team. One of my colleagues said that I got the perfect jersey because I can serve as the goalkeeper.

As it turns out, some of my male colleagues also shared the same idea. Hence, the National Football team of Spain was formed during the Christmas party.  🙂 For the record,  our team even earned a nomination spot for the best costume.

Though we didn’t win, I was happy because a number of my colleagues appreciated our idea.  It appeared that our costume is the most practical yet unrealized concept.

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