The story of my bravery – Day 1 in Taiwan

After a week of silence, I’m back to fulfill my promise of sharing more stories and pictures of my trip to Taiwan.  Honestly, I am still overwhelmed by the entire experience up to this date. I made it to Taiwan on the first day of December and everything still feels like yesterday. The experience is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The trip would always remind me that I can make things happen.

My flight to Taiwan was scheduled at 11:30 pm. Whew! Since I am working on a budget, this is the price I have to pay.  Cheaper flights usually travel on those wee hours. Though I would like to say that I am thankful to my institution for shouldering this expense.  It gave me a big relief.

I arrived in Taoyuan Airport at 1 am and all the while, I thought the airport never runs out of people. To my surprise, I was the only person left in the arrival area. My original plan was to reach Tainan through the High Speed Rail Station (HSR). Another surprise came in because I learned that the HSR starts its operation at 6:30 am. This would mean that I have to wait for an eternity of 4 hours in the airport.  Good thing, God sent some angels to watch and guide me. The lone English speaking airport personnel and a Taiwanese helped me. They suggested that I take Taiwan’s U Bus. Though I live in the principle of not talking to strangers, for reasons I don’t know, I trusted these two Taiwanese nationals.

At 3 am, the shuttle bus arrived and I was taken to the central station in Taoyuan. Another problem awaited me in the Central Station. The old man selling the tickets does not speak English. I just told him that I need to go to Tainan and that was it. He sold me a ticket amounting to NTD 300. After 30 minutes, the bus that will take me to Tainan arrived. The driver assisted me with my luggage and this started one of the longest 4 hours of my life.

A bus ride from Taoyuan to Tainan will take 4 long hours of no traffic and stop over. Whew! I was wide awake the entire trip. Traveling alone in a foreign land for the first time, who would ever dare to sleep? In God’s grace, I safely reached Tainan. A fellow female passenger, who can understand a little English, and the courteous driver helped me find a taxi that brought me to Far Eastern Shangri-La.

First Shot of Tainan from the U Bus

The front desk officer at Far Eastern Shangri-La assisted me well and I was able to checked in my room in less than 10 minutes. Talking about finest customer service, it’s possible! I was able to checked in at 8 am and the best thing, I still made it to the free breakfast buffet. After the long trip and worries, I indulged myself over one of the best buffet I’ve seen in my entire life.

Beautiful Lobby of Far Eastern Shangri-La

I was able to complete 1/4 of my tasks in Taiwan. I left the buffet table happy and worry free LOL and gave myself my much needed sleep.  Oh, but before I snoozed,  I have to fulfill my Facebook and Twitter obligation.. LOL Here’s my first photo upload of Tainan

I recharged myself the entire morning. I woke up around 3 pm and that’s when I  decided to explore Tainan by myself.

Most Taiwanese use motorcycles as their means of transportation. I rarely see private cars. Most parking spaces are occupied by these bikes.

The streets in Tainan are very clean, organized and very friendly to pedestrians. If only I can bring this to the Philippines. 🙂

And I just love the sparks of greeneries along the residential sites

My main destination

Main Entrance of the National Cheng Kung University - Kuang Fu Campus

Another proof of how clean and organized is Tainan. I just fell in love with this.

A closer look of the National Cheng Kung University

Here’s the department where my dream happened

NCKU - College of Management

After my presentation, we were toured to some historic places in Tainan and since this post is already too lengthy, let’s play some suspense and leave that on my next post. 🙂


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