Another year younger and happier

For those who have been reading my posts, you are more or less familiar of my dream to finally take a vacation leave on my birthday. Fortunately and unfortunately, I decided not to follow that dream. I reported for work and I am happy to say that it was a decision I will never regret.

I arrived at work late. Good thing I was blessed with a boss who is more concerned with quality output than punctuality. LOL I finished some works in the morning which mostly relates to teaching. Arrrgh to paper works! In the afternoon, another office invited me and my Boss to join their Christmas luncheon party.  We were so happy over some Chinese dishes, a videoke machine and the classic Christmas exchange gift.

A lot of offices in the workplace also had their respective Christmas parties on my birthday. In effect, everyone seems to be so happy, lively and pleasant on that day. No grouchy and pissed off faces for a day at work, the best birthday gift! Can we maintain this atmosphere everyday?

As my birthday treat to my few close colleagues turned friends, I ordered some boxes of pizza. And since there are Christmas parties everywhere, everyone seems to be so full. I have to force people to eat my pizza treat. LOL

Everything almost went well on my birthday except for some minor incident involving a gate crasher aka another case of insensitive colleague and a dissatisfied customer.   Modesty aside, I was able to handle and resolve the situation on my own. Phew!

The little stress faded away when I treated my few close friends for dinner.


Thank you Lord. Thank you for giving me another year to be happy.

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