Am I a bad customer?

Before my trip to Taiwan, I went to SM Masinag, with my dearest friend and shopaholic buddy, Anne. My plan was to purchase a pair of black formal shoes for my presentation. I bought a pair from Figlia and since I am preserving the little cash I have in my screaming wallet, I decided to use my evil rectangular device.

The pair I will be buying costs around P 1,200. When I handed my credit card to the saleslady, she requested for a valid ID. Weird? Not really that it is unusual, but as far as I know, IDs are required only when the credit card transaction will amount to Php 5,000 and above. Out of courtesy and obedience, I handed my SSS ID to the lady who serves as the cashier. She inspected my cards and to my surprise, she is asking me to rewrite my signature at the back of my credit card. I don’t use the same signature for my IDs, credit cards and other documents. This is my own way to prevent forgery and identity theft perhaps.  I refused to follow Miss Cashier’s order. You want me to make another signature in my credit card? I courteously told her that my credit card would look so messy. My credit card might also look like as if I desperately stole it from someone because of the two signatures.

I suggested that I will make specimen signatures similar to that of my credit card and SSS ID on the receipts. She didn’t say anything. She proceeded with my transaction and said nothing. Wow! Customer service at its finest.

I left the cashier, said thank you but noticed one thing. She made a grouchy face and murmured something…. Now tell me, am I a bad customer?


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