Don’t be deceived – My Club Ultima Experience

As much as I wanted to post another article from my recent trip to Taiwan, I feel that I have a social obligation to fulfill through this post. This is neither a paid nor a bribed demolition job against a company. What I will share here are recent discoveries from a not-so-good experience with a company that almost scammed me.

If you are reading my blog, you might have encountered this post.

Two months ago, I received a call from someone who introduced herself as “Precious Gonzales.” She informed me that I won free accommodation to any Crown Regency Hotel in the Philippines. I have been so careful in dealing with calls from companies I never made any form of transaction. In effect, I courteously asked “Precious” the person who referred me to their company. This Precious cannot give me a single name. She insisted that it was impossible for her to track the company’s sources.  This made me doubted the real intention of her offer. I also noticed that she kept on asking key information such as my residential address, birth date, occupation, etc. I was convinced that there is more than the freebies she is offering. Again, I made a courteous response and asked for her number. I told her that I’ll just return a call in case I will be interested. If you read my previous post, you will discover the succeeding events that pissed me off.

The number that this “Precious Gonzales” used was

(632) 5057146

Upon further research and a recent dinner with my friend, I learned that this number belongs to CLUB ULTIMA. My friend told me that her brother received a similar call. My friend’s brother got enticed with the offer so they headed to the place where they can claim their free accommodation tickets.  To my friend’s biggest surprise, the offer was good only when they sign up for membership at Club Ultima, who claims that they are Crown Regency’s sister company.

I knew it! There was something fishy with that offer. Further internet research made me discover the deceiving recruitment strategy of Club Ultima.

The practice of Club Ultima is to offer free accommodation tickets to any Crown Regency Hotel in the Philippines. They will ask you to claim your tickets to a certain place. On the day you claim your tickets, you will be welcomed by Club Ultima’s agents and convince you to venture to their thousand of pesos membership fee. Some were able to claim their free accommodation tickets even though they refuse to pay the membership fee. In the case of my friend, they never received the promised gift certificates.

Further internet research made me discover these

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I am not familiar with the governing marketing policies and practices implemented by Club Ultima. Are they just outsourcing another company to handle their membership recruitment? Is the management aware of the negative practice made by their sales agents?

I hope the management of Club Ultima will do something about this issue. After all, I always believe that the best marketing strategy emerge from good practices from the management down to each significant and honest employee.

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    1. nkrecieve dn aq today ng kol frm precious n ngssb n qualified dw aq s gift certificate frm club ultima.buti nlng nag search muna ako kc may duda n kc nung precious nirefer lng daw e.ngttka lng ako bkt alm nla landline and mobile # ko.

      1. This happened to me earlier this morning. Same fishy offer, thank God I researched. You’re so correct about the creepiest part though… They know my full name and number. :-O

  1. Hi DIane,

    I have a similar experience. The Club Ultima people are really good in sales talk. But don’t be fooled. In my case, they were asking for a membership fee of Php400,000 ++! And they were asking for payment of Php10,000 NONREFUNDABLE to confirm such membership. We were NEARLY fooled. Good thing they had internet at their office, and I browsed through several sites to check if Club Ultima is a scam. And indeed it is! A SCAM!

    We never even received our gift certificates after rejecting their offer. See?

    Thank God for blogs and sites like these!

    1. Hi. Im speaking for my colleague who still enjoys club ultima gift certificates until now. In fact i was with her and other colleagues last year in crown regency cebu. When we went to cebu, she just called crown regency to reserve our room.If im not mistaken, she gets a set of GCs every year for use here and abroad. I also understand that the membership was paid in cash so she is now enjoying the membership. I cannot speak for those who were disgruntled with club ultima. Could it be that you made the transactions with the wrong person?

      I just hope that those who were saying they were fooled will be able to refund their hard earned money 😉

      1. Of course your colleague enjoys the accommodation. She should. After all, she paid for it in advance. 🙂

        Accommodation at Crown Regency is not that expensive. AND IF YOU WANT A DISCOUNT, there are legit deal sites which offers up to 50% discount for the said hotel.

    2. Baka nakalutan niyo po kunin. Sa baba kukunin gc 3 days and 2nights libre. Yung sa amin nakuha namin kanina pagkatpos ng presentation sa taas .ayun kumuha kami nag package nila 7nights 400k . Nasa sayo kung inintindi mo yung explanation nila.

    3. Hi Everyone!.I am an Employee of Club Ultima. And I’m proud of it. I am very sorry for the negative experience people have had with us as we continue enhance and improve our services. However, I think there’s alot of misunderstanding happened during the presentation or in member services. Club Ultima started in 2005, we have thousands of existing members and we continue to expand our number of hotels locally. The business strategy of the company and it’s policies applies to legality. Hearing people call a company like us as a Scam really breaks our hearts , but it really helps us improve what we have.
      We do not hardsell, our guests come to us under no financial obligation. Choice of joining the club is up to everyone. If you like what we offer, if you fully understand it, and if you can really afford to be a member of our prestige club, then we will be glad to welcome you.
      However, As a huge Organization, we can’t deny some bad experiences with regards to some of our staff. During the presentation, if you felt disrespected or offended by the consultant, we encourage you to report them to their superiors right away. Remember that the personal perceptions of our staff do not completely reflect the company’s credibility. And vice versa, if a member experience some discrepancy with the company’s service, it’s not on the consultant/staff. We encourage our members to maintain communication with us to improve our service if needed as we love to hear from you. Every hotel accommodation all over the world is subject to availability but we feel those who are not fully satisfied with the best service we could deliver. Thousands of our members are happy enjoying what they purchased from us, and there are members who are not. We are Inspired by those happy members to maintain quality service but we learn from those not-so-happy members for inprovement.

      To all the Club Members, We understand and appreciate the trust you put into us the moment you shell out your hard earned money and join us to help you out with your Vacations. We are committed to deliver the services that our members were entitled.

      Godbless Everyone!

      1. More than convincing potential and dissatisfied customers, I think your efforts should be more focused on ensuring that employees deliver the right services. Instead of tracing and getting back to customers, maybe the company should “clean up” the not-so-good employees. Thanks

      2. Hi,

        Just got 2 calls yesterday and today. Spoke to Lyka Evangelista yesterday and she said that I won the gift voucher from shopwise festival branch and asked for some info. Since I was not convinced of what she told me, I said shopwise should email me or notify me about this and just told me that there is problem with the net rather send the info via text. I received one and this morning received another call and forgot the name of the caller. She was telling me that I needed to go to the office to claim the voucher and I told her that I can’t come bec. Of my sked. She told me too that they are already filling up the first batch and I am the only one to fill it up. With this, thus “SHOPWISE” has something to do with this company or are they also participating with this scam? I am raising this because I want those shoppers/customers be aware of this concern. By tomorrow, I will be dropping by in Shopwise Festival to report this ” pangloloko”. I want to share this concern to those others who might become a victim of this kind of scam. You were saying that this is not a scam, how come that your people will call us and tell us a lie that we won on some promos. And claiming that there is NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS where there is, when you convince other to sign up for the membership. This is not fair for your sake of earning money and I hope that what you are doing wont bounce back in all of you and the business of yours.

  2. had the same experience just last night.
    offer was so good that we almost signed-up for their 8-year membership trial pack. Good thing we didn’t carry enough cash and my cards are maxed-out.
    Differrence is we got the certificate.
    Im just sure if we can really avail. Since the certificate had Davao crashed-out where we supposedly wanted to stay upon availment.
    My question is will I really be able to get my reservation/booking fee after we use the certificate.
    Hope you can help me

    1. hi! i’m sorry but i can’t answer your question because as i have said, i never proceeded with the transaction. you might want to check out other bloggers or best is find out for yourself and share your own experience

      have a great day

    2. Hi edward, yes they will refund your booking fee on your check out date. This is based on my may verify if u want. My husband and i was in Cebu hotel and towers last May5-7, 2011 for our free 3D2N accommodation. We pay 5,000 for the booking reservation and upon check out, they refund what we paid. No hidden charges.

      1. We tried availing the freebie and but they just say the hotel is fully booked. And boy, we tried to book so many times.. Hahaha


      2. We tried availing the freebie and but they just say the hotel is fully booked. And boy, we tried to book so many times..
        Naloko kami ng Php 10,000.

        There was this girl who wear a fitting dress to look sosyal and reserves to convice people who are waiting there (that was us) that many have availed. Dont be fooled by challenge words from the agents “Armie”***


    3. You really get that cert. they stated it during the orientation and upon arrival: they said that” once you finished their 90 minutes presentation, you will get the free accomodation”. thats why you’ve got the cert. in fairness to Club Ultima, we were able to availed that accomodation at their Davao branch. They gave us the family size room: Two Storey room with kitchen. and after that, we were able to get the 5K reservation fee. a -2 storey hotel for free just the two of us- me and my wife.

      So before writing like this, TRY TO UNDERSTAND the Club Ultima process. As you mis-understand them. If you own this business and someone writing article like this, i doubt if you are happy of article like this.


      1. Hi Jewzel!

        Good for you, you were able to claim and avail your gift certificates. Though this post sounds as a negative feedback, I think a MATURE and OPEN MINDED company will appreciate this post. Why? Because this is feedback! Positive feedback is good but if you are really adept with Customer Service, negative feedback is better because it gives the company an opportunity to correct their mistakes and wrong practices. If you only receive positive feedback, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a company is performing well. It may also mean that customers are dissatisfied in a hidden but deadly way.

        Please also UNDERSTAND that while you are lucky to avail the certificates, not everyone was fortunate. Try to be in their shoes too. If you have noticed, I publish both positive and negative feedback. So please UNDERSTAND that more than the negative side, this article is rather constructive and informative by nature.. If only the people who reads it are UNDERSTANDING and mature enough!


  3. Just a few minutes ago, I received a call from a Joven Torres, from Club Ultima – the marketing arm of Crown Regency. He left his direct number – 500-8957. I checked their website (, and none of their mobile numbers were being answered. It was fishy alright.
    He started asking me about my location, my nature of business/work, my salary range (which I did not give), my age, and the company that I work for (I didn’t give this either).
    It’s so hard to believe in “free” stuff being given away to a person who works for a company that you have never given your number to.

  4. got a call from the same person, Joven Torres, a while ago asked same questions with xil except the salary range. after the call, he sent me a text details with contact numbers and skyexperienceadventure site.

  5. Sadly, my parents fell into the trap of Club Ultima. The membership is a complete letdown. You can’t book anything because every hotel is full. You can’t book international hotels because they keep on saying that there’s certain parameters that you can’t seem to achieve. For one, 6 months leeway for them to book you a hotel. For God’s sake, I think I can book a hotel for less than 2 days. Despite this fact, we allowed instructions for booking, we tried booking 8 months prior to the trip. They told us it’s too early to tell about the reservations. We called every month to follow up on things. Guess what, four months from our trip, they told us that everything is fully booked. Well, that’s just bullshit!!!!

    1. good day!i just want to ask how much did your parents pay for the said membership??cause my friend is a victim of this scam?did your parents pay it full or just the deposit??can u enlightened me?

    2. Hi! My parents also fell for the same trap. 😦 I just knew about their transaction when they arrived home from the “free dinner buffet” aka sales presentation. I honestly think that this timeshare thing is not “sulit” for us, especially since we don’t get to travel regularly. With all the monthly payments pa and annual maintenance fee. 😦

      If I may ask, how much did your parents pay for the membership fee + maintenance fee? Were you able to use and enjoy it?

    3. I experience the same. I requested a booking yesterday for July 28 to July 29, 2016 They said fully booked. Four months ahead. Not for real

    4. Hi Rosali Legaspi. Are your parents currently members? Have you received the notice for the exorbitant increase on annual fee this 2018 of more than x2?

      I’m a member and I am finding other members who can also file a complaint with DTI based on Article 52 of RA 7394. DTI sez they provide assistance for free.

      1. Hi! I’m a member since 2017 and I didn’t receive the notice regardig the exorbitant increase in the annual maintenance fee. I have just filed a complaint in DTI antipolo regarding this. But I would also like to find others who would like to file a complaint so that maybe we can file a class suit vs. Club Ultima about this.

  6. hi, same here, i just got a call and same offer and txt was sent to me with skyexperienceadventure site from Geric Reyes 09176452736.

  7. Ther telling that you won w/ their raffle. but if you ask for the DTI permit #, wala sila maibigay because their not selling anything daw but for curiosity seek i attend their presentation.. AYon selling time pala convince you to purchase their membership. WEre not selling pala ha… dapat jan nerereport sa DTI

  8. i just got back from a 3 night stay in crown regency cebu through club ultima courtesy of a colleague. she already has used club ultima gift certificates to hotels in asian countries. we are going to malaysia and singapore come August and we will be gift certificates from club ultima.

    1. It seems that a lot of people have spoke negativeof Club Ultima and you are the only person giving positive feedback.. I doubt if you are really sharing your good experience.

      If you are an employee, look for other jobs that is worthy.


  10. it is the right time to read this so that it will not happen again ;
    BEWARE : To all this is all true when they invite you to this kind please please dont give your money for this because it is a scam if you give to them surely no refundable to hell is the strategy of CLUB ULTIMA /CROWN REGENCY.

  11. Non refundable? I had just recently joined and now upon research I read this…. Can I still go to their office for a refund and transaction reversal thru our credit card???

    1. scam victim??did u get a refund on your transaction??what was the status of your membership??just do a transaction last!can u help me?

  12. Newly, I just received a call, and what had read the testimony from the victem, the strategy to transact with me is semilar. Now i know all about their deception business. Thankz

    1. June 2015 nainvite din ako ng club ultima, sa Quezon City naman ako na invite same thing ng mga nabasa ko natawagan din ako dahil nabunot ang name ko sa semminar na inatenan ko. As I go there, meron silang 90minutes presentation and for me its not bad ginagawa lang naman nila ng work nila. Madaming beses na ako nakaattend ng ibang memberahip club, like astoria, baguio country club, balay isabel, one tagaytay at lahat naman sila one day offer.

      Ang akin lang andami negative comments about them e sa totoo lang hindi ka naman nila pinipwersa mag member kaya nga offer lang eh, if you just see the value if you like the presentation and if you can afford lang naman. 

      And yes! I see the value naman unlike other membership na nagooffer , sa kanila madaming homeresort. Na pwedeng gamitin, lastyear naging member ako and naka 30% nadin ako nagagamit ko naman yung vouchers nito ngang Nov.9-11 kakagaling ko lang sa cebu fuente osmena eh.  Kaya para sa mga nagsasalita jan nag kung ano tumigil na kayo maybe you work from other company. Just to write blog for club ultima. 

      Club ultima offer lifetime membership and its worth it!

    1. What made you say it was a scam? Have you tried to even use the gift certificate or the club membership at all? Did u understand their presentation when you can use the certificwtrs?

      1. same , i went to DTI to complain but still on going negotiation. i was also a victim just aug 2, 2015. someone will call that you will recieve a gift free hotel accomodation,etc..etc..they will ask your credit card.

  13. just got a call right now from a Ms. Cindy Uy, She scheduled me to pick up my gift certificate for a free 3D2N stay at any Crown Regency Hotel. I am very skeptical because it is just too good to be true considering we will leave for bohol on June 24 to 26 for a family trip.

    Can someone advice me….

    1. Some still received their GCs after attending the presentation. Some never received anything at all, as in the case of my friend. If you have plenty of time, you can try and tell us back your experience. Just prepare yourself for the worst. In case you still received your GCs, tell us about it too.

      1. well guess what folks my partner received 3 calls and we went to presentation last night.I admit i like the product but not the heavy handed sales tactics.
        they told me the benefits et al only available last night and not available at same price tomorrrow.After 4 hours of brain washing and now already close to midnight i was exhausted!! They asked me for 50,000 deposit and then pay 12190 x 47 months – i asked for 24 hours to sleep on it and they refuse then lower deposit to 20,000 and when i say no they are Impolite and ask me how much money i have now in the bank and to just draw what i can !!! i really felt harrassed and having worked in tourism industry for 30 years i found the service hostile from the beginning.I calculated to really benefit and get full value for my money i would have to use gym everyday for next 20 years etc and my advice to everyone is to use club ultima on a pay as you use basis and keep your money in your pocket !! if you really want a good holiday and value for mooney feel free to contact me anytime for free impartial advice !!

      2. hi diane, we have received the GC. but unfortunately we gave the down payment of 20K. We want to cancel the membership but I don’t think if this is repondable. Or can I get back the 10K? since 10K is not repondable?

      3. @mitch?waht happen after u transact on the said membership??didthey gave u a refund or they just dissapper?i’m also a dumb!

      4. hi, with a number of useful reading and research, it seems like this is a scam. As of writing, it’s 2015, but we got connected with the scammers dec.29, 2014 at Boracay. We never got any call like most of the comments, but we (with my mom, sister and cousin) were personally approached by their so-called marketing team along Station 2 in boracay.

        they made an appointment for us at 4:30-6:30pm with FREE dinner and just to give us a tour in the recently opened Crown regency. i chose two of my cousins just for the free dinner and to take pictures at the hotel.

        at the end of the sales talk, the 500K VIP package was unveiled, and me and my cousin rejected because of the ridiculous amount. the “manager” then gave discounts and slashed the amount magically to 184,000 with 10% spotcash downpayment of 18,400. me and my cousin again rejected since we were already low on cash and no credit cards. the 10% downpayment was further reduced to 10K because it is the minimum. we still gave a NO.
        a final offer of 5K now and 5K for the next payday for downpayment.

        seems reasonable at that time and with that, I made myself a victim of their scam right then and there. i will have a chat again with them as soon as they make their next move. thank you for the blogger for this and further giving links for more info.
        the offer is very tempting as I am a traveler myself. what I did not like was the PAY NOW or REGRET FOREVER style of marketing.

        i will say goodbye to the 5000 I “donated” to them, and will ask for further proof of legitimacy as soon as this gimmick to me progresses.

  14. Thank you for all the information about this Club Ultima. Now it’s all cleared. Luckily, I have read these posts before we attend the so called “90minute presentation” and claim our prize.

    1. Thanks for this post. I was contacted by club ultima as well yesterday, and was surprised to have been advised that I won a gift certificate even if I did not join their promo.

      What was dubious about this promo is they claim it’s a gift certificate but the 3D/2N accommodation does not include airfare, food and has a reservation fee of P3,000. GC useless if that is the case.

      1. With all due respect, I don’t think that it’s the company’s obligation to include airfare and food in your GC. I’m only voicing this out because I think it’s demanding a little too much naman that just because walang ganyan dubious na kaagad.

  15. That ‘s a scam. We get such stuff here in the US. They will invite people to free dinner, will even call to confirm if they are coming. Hard sell. Seriously, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Nothing is free nowadays.

    1. Hi Kate! Were you able to cancel the payments? I already paid PHP10,000 for the reservation fee and planning not to continue with the membership.

      1. naku dapat isumbong natin to kay tulfo, im a victim too of this club ultima., actually i send letters to request to get back of my reservation fee. From now still no feedback.

      2. Talked to them earlier. Mukhang di marerefund yung reservation fee. Nadiscuss naman sa akin yun bago ako magsign ng docs. Sayang pero Charge to experience na lang 😦 concern ko na lang baka magpost sila nung autodebit sa card ko.

      3. Hi JP! Depending on your card, I think you can work out the suspension of the auto debit arrangement. I’m sure you were not the first to complain about this case. Your credit card company might give you other options to prevent the “forced pay arrangement.”

      4. Non refundable na daw ung DP of 18k. Then when I also called my credit card company, the auto debit arrangement made can only be cancelled by club ultima only. Arghhhh. Next time talaga check first kung credible ung company before we get into this kind of scam. Hayz.

      5. i haggled to let the 10K minimum they require into two payments, so I gave 5K first.
        if di pa sumasagot si tulfo, would you think its wise for me to play along first with them?

        may email exchanges pa saming magaganap for my next payments. I was lucky wala sila autodebit sa BPI..they advised me to open a BDO account just to funnel my hard earned money sa kanila, which, thanks to this blog and the responders, na I wont open kahit na ano.

      1. I’m also clueless with this. Why not try to communicate with your credit card company? Tell them what happened. In the end, this might help even other complainants. If credit card companies are receiving the same complaints, I’m sure they will do something if they care enough for their clients. Good luck.

      2. I think you can cancel that through your credit card. Simply call them that you changed your mind and have not availed of any service yet. Otherwise, it will be an unfair consumer practice which is subject to DTI regulations.

        I too was able to subscribe to their 8-year policy after being invited to the dinner and the presentation which I tried to refuse later on telling them that it was just too expensive and I can chose a better accommodation for the amount they are selling. They keep on reducing until finally they offered me the 8-year membership. Since I also travel a lot, I gave in to their offer and yes, they ask me how much money I had with me. I told them I did not bring any cash with me since I was not intending on buying anything. But they keep on prodding you to try it and make the P10,000.00 reservation which they didn’t tell me was non-refundable (but I guess this is consumable at least). Anyway, I got hitched and subscribed anyway. Now I am getting my yearly Gift Certificates (GC). The free GC they have given me during the presentation is not free at all. It was only a discounted GC at 50%. Then they also gave me a free spa and massage GC which carries an expiration of just about 15 days and which I was not able to avail of since I did not have the time then. Another freebie they gave me was the free sky coaster ride which until now I have not availed of yet.

        So far with the GC they have given me, I have not yet availed of their accommodations. But I have heard from other members though that reservation is sometimes difficult to get but the staff tells me that I can make outright reservations with their own hotels as long as there is room vacancy. Otherwise, for Interval International, they advised that I should reserve at least 6 months prior to intended stay.

        I hope this will enlighten you to decide whether to push through with your subscription or drop it.

  16. i was in boracay last june 1-4 and got introduced to this club ultima short i availed the 10k downpayment and paid the 5k balance last june agent (tiffany belalo) told me that she will email me the receipt of my payment but i kept reminding her until a week passed and no email came.i was so pissed that i told her how disappointed i was thru text and up to now my agent is no longer texting and the email has not yet been sent to my email add.i doubt it will still come.i am planning not to continue with the membership.charge to experience nalang yung 10k pro mag file ako ng formal complain dito sa dti davao.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Benny. Despite of everything, I salute your efforts to file a complaint. Please don’t give up in behalf of the other aggrieved clients.

      1. Benny, but do you have proof? you said, you haven’t received the receipt yet. If that is the case, that is so hard to file a case then.

    2. Hi Benny,

      What happened with your complaint? I’m also having a problem with Club ultima.. madami na tayo.. maybe if we work together, we can work something out.

      Hope to hear back from you.

      1. what i cannot understand is why can’t we refund the money if we change our minds, we have not used any of the facilities yet.

  17. Me and my wife went to the west ave office. they gave a simple dinner, then presented their Club Ultima. The agent named Joseph, kept on bragging if you have the money you surely get a membership, and their hotels are famous. after 2 hours listening and discussing to Joseph, he still does not give the membership fee. And of course I dont need to know. I am just there to get the 4d/3n certificate they promised. They said no commitments, no pressure, just listen. Lol , I was shocked. after the agent saw that we are not interested, he said again, KUNG KAYA MO KUKUHA KA, Kung wala ka budget yun lang time na di kumukuha. I told him, the price is not worth it. then the manager named Jay came in and still gave the membership fee of 400k pesos. Then the agent came back. saying they give 2o% discount, plus plus plus. i still rejected the offer. then they said 200k trial fee of 200k for 15 nyears. then I said. we travel impromptu, and we want to book in hotels near places of interest to us. and we travel 2x a year. The agent isisted again. (OMG i thought there are no pressure. lol) I just told him. you know i was just wearing slippers and shorts when i bought my mini cooper. so dont insult who I am . I am just not interested. The Agent went ballistic, and raised his voice, pointing to the pictures on the glass wall of members. ( Mas malalaking tao pa mga nagpa member dyan kesa sa iyo). I just told him. I stayed for 2 hours, now give me my certificate. then he was fuming mad and gave the free certificate. upon our exit, I told him again, you dont know me . he responded with a high voice, DI KA KATULAD NG MGA MALALAKING TAO NA MEMBER NAMIN. I just told him, Hindi naman ikaw yung mga mayayaman na yon, Ikaw ay nobody. then he shouted his name I AM JOSEPH , then we left. LESSON IN LIFE, Never ever get calls from guys offering free certificate.

    1. Whew! They are so bitter. Poor agents… If they cannot have you, they will try to get even by insulting and pushing you to your limits. It’s great that you maintained your PROFESSIONALISM and composure 🙂 thanks for sharing this

  18. Thanks for all your post. These helps…Somebody also called me today morning requesting for our presence to this Club Ultima something to be held in Crowne Regency Hotel in Makati tomorrow…I remember they called me twice last year but we didnt manage to attend due to our hectic sched. Here they are again, trying to convince us since the certificate so they say is till valid. Upon reading all your comments, i realized 1 should not go…Thanks guys….

  19. It’s not worth to be a member of this company”Club Ultima.”.I’m a trial member for only 15years and I’m just done paying worth 200k for almost 3 years and the first time I made a 60k down payment. I cant do anything before since i issued post dated cheque.huh!!.I did regret because eversince,I never received any benefits. Supposedly I will have 500 consumable coupon per month but sadly I didnt get any.And every year i have to pay for maintenance almost 7k in order to get my 7nights voucher for a year. It’s also hassle to call everytime for booking and its fully booked. i really thought they always prioritize their member but its not.
    Basically,it is not practical to invest your money since you can get a cheaper and nice room to a different hotel every vacation plan. I calculated the money i paid them 200k membership plus 100k maintenance for 15 years..7nights stay for 15years is 300,00..its like the room rate I paid is 2,800 something still expensive. . Its better to invest your money to something than this. Anyway, if I just based in Cebu then i can use their pools and gym everyday for free ,its better. Unlucky I’m from Manila.
    Never ever issue a check anyways. They will confuse you the payment like i did. I had advanced 5 months instead I have a choice to pay until my due date that should be the last payment. I was surprised my last payment was 5 times equivalent to my monthly. It was really heavy for me but I cant do anything… I learned a lesson from sad just wasting my money. Maybe you should get the lifetime membership instead. I think 500 or 400k.

    1. Hi Ivy,

      I am also a fully paid trial pack member. Are you still currently a member? Have you received the notice for the exorbitant increase on annual fee this 2018 of more than x2?

      I am finding other members who can also file a complaint with DTI based on Article 52 of RA 7394. DTI sez they provide assistance for free.

  20. tama ba nmn yun..nag down ako ng 10k using my credit card tapos nasearch ko to na forum about issues of club ultima, so immediately contacted the girl who introduced the club ultima membership. sinabihan nmn ako na wla ng refund at magbabayad pa ako ng another 10k for a total of 20k including sa downpayment ko para daw sa cancellation ng membership. makatarungan ba yun???????????

    1. for clarifications of some doubts about this club ultima offers . . .this is not a scam . . . this is only their marketing strategy . . its really true that you can avail of all their facilities and freebies if you join the club. . you are not force to join if you dont want. I am a club ultima member and I am satisfied with the membership. I already availed many times of their accommodations for free anywhere in the Philippines and in Asia. Regarding on the reservation of your accommodations, it is true that you should reserve at least 2 weeks if within the Philippines or 1 month outside the country. It is stipulated in the membership agreement . When we went to Malaysia and Singapore, we were able to avail of the free accommodations but i made the reservation 2 months prior . Any clubs having this kind of membership have the same membership agreement even if its club ultima or any international clubs. If you are not amendable with their policies, better not register as their club member.

      1. hi clarissa..ilang years ang kinuha po ninyo?magkano lahat binayaran ninyo including within years of maintenance?

      2. got their travel package first . .. it was on installment i forgot already how much is the installment but the total package is 80T and got 7 vouchers a year for 8 years . .. ive been using these vouchers outside the philippines. . . . i also have the lifetime membership with one night free a year only . . . got this membership for only 140T because somebody sells his membership certification to me before he left for US for good . . . am a member of this club for 5 years and so far, am contented

      1. Sa mga taga davao I’m complaining with DTI.. nasa adjudication stage na ako.. so who wants to join me?

  21. for lifetime membership, a monthly fee of P1,050 with 500 consumable voucher. this voucher can be used in their restaurant, and spa.

  22. Hi This is Veronica, and I’m from Harbour Springs Resort and Spa Village located in Puerto Princesa Palawan. We are not offering timeshare but fractional ownership. It’s more acceptable than timeshare. In fractional ownership, you do no just buy the time but you really have a shared title of the condo units.

  23. hi! im jazz a trial pack member of club ulitima (8yrs membership) its true, we went to makati crown regency twice sept 2012, sept 2013 & crown regency boracay convention center, i have nothing to be paid its only a cash deposit, but its refundable upon u check out, im using my coupon upon room reservation. u should . . reserve atleast 2 to 3mos, it depends upon peak seasons. i really enjoyed & contented so much fun. u can stay any crown regency as long as u have a coupon. . Now i plan to go back n boracay……..Thank u Club Ultima. & to Ms Leah.

      1. bat sabi nila yung vouchers discount lang pala? i was promised it’s for accommodation talaga.
        verbally din, 4adults pwede sa standard room nila. sa crown regency websites, hanggang tatlo lang lahat.
        pwede rin daw mabenta yung vouchers for 5K, I checked the room rates, less than 5K yung available nila pero may breakfast pa.

        mas maniniwala ako sa websites instead of yung mga nakausap ko

    1. i am also contented with my membership with the club . .. ive been to many places including malaysia, singapore and china and used my coupon with only the international interval i paid for. ..

  24. I was looking for the club ultima website in google when I came across blogs saying it’s a scam. well, it’s not. but the marketing strategy truly sucks. I have a lifetime membership package I got about 4 years ago and earned 7-night vouchers per year. plus yearly maintenance fees and membership to interval international. it’s up to you to hear out the benefits of time share. I never used the freebie voucher they lured me as it was the time share that really made me interested.

  25. Hello bloggers, I’m Kathy also one of thousand who has experienced with the said CLUB ULTIMA….
    But beleived me, we were just came back from cebu this Nov .26, 20136. and in fairness with club ultima they did what they promised although they had the rules and regulations of booking fee P3,000.00 non refundable, it’s ok for me since they gave me assurance that when I arrived at the hotel they will provide us all our needs.So it happened, we’ve checked in at recepcionist lounge and they asked me an ID, and a P2,000.00 deposit which is refundable upon check-out, One thing i do’t like was the outside call they charges me P15.00verytime I make a transfer call outside the hotel, but its still fine with me since CROWN REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS Fuente Cebu was a place you want to spend the day coz all amenities are in there.
    For those who was feeleing scammed may be it’s a different approach by their diff. agents.But it’s a nice place as I said.

  26. I originally blogged about my personal experience with them in 2007 and to date, there have been 147 comments on my post from others who had the same experience. I can’t believe they’re still up to it for the past 6 years.

    1. sabi nung “manager” nila instead of advertising thru commercials or fliers, personal invites na lang daw (like what happened to us) and gumastos lang ng free dinner para samen para daw may personal touch at exclusivity kasi 12,000 lang daw ang target nilang VIP members…sheeesh

  27. Thank God for this blog! Tama ung isang nagcomment na this is not a scam pero sobrang daming mali sa strategy nila. I just got a call from Ann Gomez and lahat ng sinabi nio, ganun na ganun din ang sinabi nia. Kung dito pa lang almost 90% na ang dissatisfied potential customers, would you even risk na tumuloy pa? My point is, wag tayong magpaloko sa company na to! Wala ng libre nowadays.. Sana may magsumbong sa Bistado/ Imbestigador/ Kay Tulfo.. Or sana may gumawa ng account sa Facebook about this company for people to be more aware at para mahinto na rin to.. Godbless!

    1. One of my questions pala is where did they get your contact info? They got mine when we went to Manila Ocean Park, nagbbigay sila ng mga raffle tickets and they said they’re FREE so i just filled them out then after 10 days, they called me and started their evil ways. Nakakaawa lang dun sa mga biktima, i think kelangan nio na talaga isumbong to! Sayang ang money at ung inconvenience & stress na binigay nila sa inyo. You need JUSTICE.

  28. I received their 7 coupons and the id card for the membership discounts, thanks club ultima, hopefully we could go to boracay after my wife delivers our third baby, or if not maybe next year since the coulpons don’t expire and you will still get the next 7 coupons next year so that would be 2 weeks of free vacation.

    1. Hi sir! Would like to confirm if clib ultima is legit and not a scam? I am a new member. I would like to assure legality of this club before pushing through the membership. Please message me in this email add.

      1. Hi Yzzha,

        I am a trial pack member (15 years) since 2009. Are your currently a member? How much was the annual fees they informed you when you purchased?

        Coz with the earlier ones like us, they never said there would be any increase until I learned the double increase annual fee this 2018.

      2. Hello Mia. Yes i am still a member of this club ultima. And they also informes me about this increase of annual fee.

  29. Club Ultima/Crown Regency Hotel: G/f Unit2 LE METROPOLE bldg. sen gil puyat avenue, corner tordesillas St. along buendia, makati. were beside mondragön house, infront MALUGAY stoplight, inline of RCBC PLAZA. You can claim your gift certificate this afternoon around 1:00pm upto 3:00pm wil w8 for you, dont 4get 2 Bring ID & FINISH D 90mins Video Clippings w/ your spouse (if ur married)for you 2see all hotels were promoting and for you 2 choose your best destination plz let me knw f u receive my message. TNX N CONGRATULATIONS! – TEL#3468713. Ms. Angela Lim – Reservation Manager

    i texted them:

    mam, please advise if I have to sign up for a membership for club ultima before I can get my free GC? please advise.

    i got replied:

    No Sir, u dont hav to sign up anythng. Wer just purely promoting our 5star hotel to u.

  30. They led you to believe that their hotels are 5 Star rating. Now they are billing 30k reservation & 20k is non refundable without using facilities & receiving any benefits. Then they twist you to make you buy, not showing all the additional expenses to be paid. Now I understand why they are hard sellers, check out this sites below. They are like those pyramid scams. & I’ve visited the site Club Ultima site, I learned that I as signed to pay double the price. They are fearless because they are not under DTI, they are under SEC. accdg: to RA 739: ARTICLE 53. Chain Distribution Plans or Pyramid Sales Schemes – Chain distribution plans or pyramid sales schemes shall not be employed in the sale of consumer products

  31. Is this really a scam? We went to boracay last april 22, 2014 to april 24, 2014 with my wife. While walking across the beach front my nag approach samin saying nga about this crown regency and club ultima, just to kill the time wala naman kaming ginagawa so sumama kami, sinamahan nya kami sa loob mismo ng crown regency sa station 2 para sa presentation, tapos aun na nga my kumausap na samin na parang agent girl sya nakinig naman kami sa presentation and in fact tlaga namang interesting ung mga offers at benefits so to cut the story short ng sign up kame to try if its true, pag uwi namin galing sa vacation na ito ng research agad kami about this club ultima and nabasa namin to, so we are confused kung naloko kame oh hindi

    1. Hi sir! How is it going with your club ultima membership? Legit po ba? New member po aq. I would like to confirm if this is legit before pursuing through my remaining payments. Please leave me a message on my email I will surely appreciate. Thanks.

  32. i just got a call from andrei santos of crown regency hotel daw offering the same promotion… 3d2n in any crown regency hotel free accommodation. he didn’t mention anything about club ultima.. he advised me to go to their office at westlife bldg tom to claim my gift certs. asked him if i need to pay for anything. he said no and all i need to bring is my valid id and money for my fare from home going there and vice versa.. also i need to take my husband there since i am married.

    i remembered a lady approached us while my husband and i were grocery shopping at shopwise cubao last week. they only asked for my complete name, age, and contact number. i gave her my secondary number which i rarely use. they said it was a raffle and it was free.

    after our phone convo, i searched for similar promo online and i stumbled upon your blog. now i’m kinda confused if im still going there tom or not. maybe i will verify with him later if they’re going to let me sign up for club ultima before i could claim my gift cert. if they say no, then i might reconsider but will not sign up or pay for anything…

    1. Hi maijan56. It’s up to you to attend their presentation. If you leave in Manila, they have a limited facilities to offer for the Club Ultima Members compared those who leave in Cebu. I was a club members since 2005 with a lifetime membership that includes my wife and my 3 kids. First, how I was become a member? Same story as above, I had received a phone call on one of their Agent. In the first place, I had refused many times as I am very busy in rl. And I had asked how they got my contact details. In short, we go with my wife almost 7pm at Crown Regency Mactan. Their main office during that time. They introduced us a lot on when we become a member. After about 2 hours of tours on their facilities. We decided to join and I took the Individual A. We pay P10k as first payment then we issued a post dated check which was good for 48 months with an amount of about P2645/ mo. We have a 1 night per year. But, what I after was their facilities, specially in Crown Regency Fuente Towers in Cebu. After my 4 years payment. We received our Membership Certificate. (Besides of ID issued to each members when you signed up the contract). My Agent has offered me If I wanted to upgrade my membership from Individual A to Individual A International. That will give you a 7 night/ year. See this link for your ref. ( In short, I had upgraded my membership to Individual A Int’l. And again, I had issued a post dated check for 48 months with amount of about P 5,200/mo. If you some up the amount I paid and compared the present amount as of today. I am already gaining. But not only that, We are contended with their facilities. My Family is enjoying it. And even our friends. Sorry for others that they had experience a negative. But for me, It was worth as an investment. Ed

      1. Hi sir! How is it going with your club ultima membership? Legit po ba? New member po aq. I would like to confirm if this is legit before pursuing through my remaining payments. Please leave me a message on my email I will surely appreciate. Thanks

  33. Hello!

    It really saddens me to hear that a lot of people are complaing about Club Ultima. It’s sad that people would immediately call the “Club Ultima Experience” a scam. The facilities are there for you and your family to use, the vouchers are given, the coupons are given…so how is it a scam? Is it because the people who were “victims” of this so-called “scam” didn’t understand the presentation or was it the self-entitled feeling that they HAD to get something for free?

    I’ve been a member of Club Ultima for 4years and i’ve never had a problem with my membership. As long as you pay your dues religiously and learn how to maximize your membership by keeping updated through their Membership affairs, everything will go well for you. My family and friends have benefited greatly from this investment. I use their gym facilities almost everyday all for free. I have traveled to Phuket, Thailand just last April 2014 and I had no problems at all with their booking and reservation (I booked 2 months prior my traveling date).

    I’m writing this not because i’m going against the people who have shared their negative experiences, nor am I saying they are lying. I’m writing this because I find it a great waste if people do not push through with their membership because of negative blogs like these. Honestly guys, it’s one of the best investments that I have made for myself and for my family.

    Next time you get a call from one of the agents, maybe it’s best to limit your expectations and attend the presentation with an open-mind. Peace.

    1. because you do not understand what the people are complaining about!! they call people up saying they will give FREE vouchers when it is not. That is the scam. Next time you read this blog, please understand what people are talking about

    2. I don’t like your term “negative blogs”

      I’m sharing the experience I had. You cannot force me to say positive things when the truth is, I had a negative experience.

  34. The moment I signed up for their supposed “raffle promo” at Shopwise Makati, I knew this was a scam. Hardsell talaga yung ale magpapirma ng “raffle coupon,” and without any consideration (wala akong biniling product, wala ring ibang ginawa).

    As expected, come Monday (weekend ako nagfill-up), aba tumatawag na sila. Landline yung binigay ko, so I was able to avoid answering their calls. Yes, calls – ganun sila ka-persistent, halos everyday tumatawag. E kung legit na promo talaga ito without them expecting to get anything from me, hindi sila magha-hardsell ng ganyan. Saan ka nakakita ng “gift” na ipinagpipilitan sayo kahit ayaw mo? Without having read this blog and the other posts, I knew something was very fishy by the way they hardsell.

    Flashback to one year later. I have completely forgotten about the incident. Someone calls me about my unclaimed free gift. Nakalimutan ko na so I was’t able to avoid her this time. Saan ka nakakita ng “free gift” na sila ang sobrang interesado sayo kahit kinalimutan mo na. Tapos noong na-realize ko na na ito nga pala yun, I just let her go on with her spiel para lang matapos na at tanggalin na ako sa call list nila (ganito ang ginagawa ko sa telemarketers ng bangko). At the end of the conversation, pagkatapos nyang sabihin ang kailangan nyang sabihin, I flatly refused everything offered (just like what I do with pesky telemarketers). May sinasabi pa syang iba pero binabaan ko na.

    Then I read this and the other posts.

    Yun lang po. Even without knowing the details, if you smell something fishy, most probably it is because something really is fishy.

  35. I also got a call from Crowne Ultima Club and invited me to come to their Sta. Rosa Office…

    Coming from a travel agency, I call Crown Regency reservation office. And yes, they confirmed that the “promo” was true and I need to go at Sta. Rosa or place stated by the agency to claim the voucher. I ask them if this was approved by DTI. They said “yes” I just forget to get the DTI No. (But I will call again for check the promo ).

    Also, my brother was able to get his voucher without buying the membership program but his not using it pa so I cannot confirm nor urge him to go knowing he will be trapped with this just in case they were scammers!

    I am still confuse, but will try to reach DTI again.


  37. I don’t think it’s a scam kung wala ka namang inilalabas na pera. Although, yeah, masasayang ang oras at pamasahe mo sa pagpunta mo sa office nila sa Tordesillas St. cor Gil Puyat Ave sa Makati. Nakakadisappoint lang din kasi akala mo agad mong makukuha free accommodation nila, yun pala kelangan mong makinig pa sa 90-minute presentation ng mga agents nila. Inoorasan kasi sila ng managers at kapag di nila natapos yung presentation, wala silang komisyon. Kung naimbitahan at pumunta ka, makinig ka lang, do not reveal anything personal. Pag di mo kasi tinapos yung presentation, wala ka nung “free gift”. At the end of it, kung hindi mo afford, tell them flatly na di mo afford para matapos na. They’ll give you the free gift, nasa sayo kung gagamitin mo. Although, kukulitin ka nila kung kelan mo gagamitin. Kung duda ka sa free gift. Huwag mo na lang gamitin. Kung nagpamember ka, naglabas ka ng pera pero di mo nakuha yung mga sinasabi nila, dun yun nagiging scam. Basically, the money goes to Crown Regency’s expansion and operational expenses, kumbaga, pre-selling ang strategy nila. If you don’t want to be tied to patronage with just one company, huwag ka na lang magmember, after all you can always travel on a budget without too much glitz and posh. Mas mura pa. Ideal lang yang Club Ultima sa mga high rollers at retirees.

  38. received call from club ultima company entitled daw ako sa promotion nila 3 days accomodation sa Recency Hotel..please come to my office at the back Robinson Galleria ..after office scam pala ito..ha.ha

  39. Is there any way that a class action suit could be charged against Club Ultima? Shouldn’t we be protected from them especially those who want to cancel? I sent them a letter less than 48 hours that I would like to cancel and wanted my PDC back since we could not fund it. They did not respond right away. They only responded 4 days after even after constant follow-up everyday.

    Here is a copy of my email to them dated January 24, 2015 (Saturday) :

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    In behalf of both my husband and I, I would like request that our application for membership to Club Ultima Philippines, Inc. be considered null and void. We could not afford to fund the post-dated January 31, 2015 check we issued for the membership.

    Last Thursday night, January 22, 2015, we attended the product presentation at West Avenue. Even then, we informed both your sales consultant, Ms. Ara Ann Lareza, and your approving manager, Mr. Dinky G. Sanchez we are cash-strapped. But since the offer was very enticing and both of them very accommodating, we gave a post-dated check of ten thousand pesos (Php10,000.00) that same night to take advantage of the one-time initial offer.

    Upon reviewing our financial situation the following day, we concluded that we will have a very difficult time funding the check and that the possibility of it bouncing is 99.9%. Hence, we are sending this request only less than 48 hours upon application to avoid penalties and legal issues from all parties concerned.

    We hope for your positive response to this matter.

    They responded in writing only today even after repeated follow-ups with this:

    Good day!

    We apologize for the late response. Please be inform that your request for cancellation was already been processed. However, your request to pull-out your check was not approved. This is because of our policy that states “…request for check pull outs should be atleast 15 days prior to check date otherwise check will automatically be deposited..”

    Though you signed for membership less than 15 days as required above, thus, this will not exempt you from our policy. It is also understood that once you signed and issue a payment, it shows your interest and willingness to join the club and adhere to the terms and conditions as stated in the Reservations Application.

    Should you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Alice Cabaddu
    Membership Affairs Office – Manila
    Club Ultima Phils., Inc.
    Landline: (02) 812-4326; 812-8219
    Facsimile: (02) 909-7816
    Mobile: (Globe) 0905.3430413; 0905.3868463
    (Smart) 0919.3696309; 0918.8500009
    (Sun) 0922.3575937; 0922.3549014

    Shouldn’t we be protected against this? I believe the consumer protection law states that we could return an item without incurring any costs.

    1. mga Sir/Mam, i just want to ask an advice. kagaya nang iba na scam din kami,but cross check yung inisyu namin na 10k. sabi ng agent afterward padaw ipapaprocess yung papers pag na kuha na nila yung pera.tanong ko lng ,pwd pa ba kami mag back-out without them getting our 10k. kasi po they make us sign po yung mga agreement papers nila.
      Sana po yung mag reply ay di kampi sa kanila.(hahay fan panaman ako nag scam city sa natgeo di ko akalain na may ganito na rin na scheme dito sa atin hehe)
      salamat po.

  40. Thanks for this blog. Matagal na pala itong scam na’to. Buti na lang nagresearch muna ako sa intetnet bago tuluyang mapaniwala sa offer nila. Naka schedule sana ako ngayong araw para i-claim ang free crown regency hotel accomodation for 4d & 3n pero before i can claim the prize, i should watch the 90 min video clip first according to them.
    You saved my time and effort! Thanks

    1. Oo, Arvin, exactly! pareho tyo, 90 min video daw muna before anything else. Thanks to the person who posted this blog.

  41. Hey, thanks so much for the post! I received a call 2 or 3 days ago with the same scheme. Good thing I researched it first and found this article. Very helpful post! Thanks again! 🙂 *2 thumbs up! I’d even give a 2 toes up, if I could. lol

  42. sometimes we need to use our instinct…Mar. 30 i received a call, same offers ng mga nabasa ko dito..the next day Mar. 31 they called again ng morning, asking for the schedule claiming of GC and 90mins presentation, offers free buffet (daw!!)….i made a confirmation and say yes to them that i will attend with my husband…buti na lng tuesday afternoon..i made a think to find forum about crown regency or ultima…God is really Good…i found out that this is a BIG SCAM!!! April 1 AM, i received a call from them reminding me for my confirmation, i just made a reasoning that we can’t attend…and they get mad at me telling sayang ang reservation nilang ginawa..bakit daw ako nag confirm..hmmmm….let me tell this, reservation for 1 pair is more than a waste for many people na kumagat sa kalokohan nyo!!! Those is working so hard and looking for a relaxation…but inabuso nyo ang kahinaan!!!! Be ready to face the consequences!!!
    God is watching all of you!

  43. Ayun, nakuha ko naman yung gift cert kanina.. kasama ko wife ko, malakas na kutob ko na may iooffer silang kung anu anu.. pero nag try parin ako, yung 90 minutes naging 2hrs, which is nakakayamot na part.. maganda naman yung offer nila, kaso straight forward ko nalang sinabi na hindi talaga afford, tska di rin naman kami pala travel, kung magttravel man kami hindi na 5star hotel.. tapos hanggang sa natapos na yung presentation nya and what so ever, dami pang pasakalye bago sabihin yung price, ngayon ang worry ko nalang kung may nakapagtry na ba nung Gift Cert? salamat!

  44. Hi guys… last august 9 pumunta kami sa Manila Ocean Park to celebrate the 2nd birthday of our daughter… and when we are inside the building (exhibit area) there are some guys that offering you to fill up some piece of paper for raffle promo “daw”tapos hindi ko pinansin… tapos hindi ko pala alam na nagfill-up ang misis ko. Tapos kahapon pag-uwi ko sa bahay tuwang tuwa ang misis ko na ibinalita nya na nanalo raw sya sa promo raffle sabi nung tumawag at nagtext, yun nga raw na gift certificates hotel free accomodations etc… tapos nagalit ang misis ko nung hindi ako naniniwala at sinabi kong scam yan…….. kasi binasa ko ang text walang dti number at tsaka free accomodation sa park regency hote cebu…!! and then makikipag kita ka pa sa kanila free food pa raw…… Kaya eto ako ngayon nag-search about sa issue para ipakita ko sa misis ko na scam talaga yan…..

  45. Nasayang oras namin.super hardsell si kuya at ung 90minutes naging 3hours.may gut feel ako na scam kaso ang mali ko ndi ako ng research sa google bago pumunta. at nakuha ang certificate na free kaso may 3thou non refundable booking fee.napikon pa ang presentor na winaste ang time nya kasi ndi kmi ng sign.kadiri pa ung food ndi buffet nakalagay lang sa chaffing dish, 2 ulam na ndi mo makakain.waste of time and effort!

  46. I received a call from Cyrus lee of club ultima daw,and same lang ng mga sinabe nyo dito…may free accomodation nga daw. Nagtanong agad ako kung may babayaran ba,wala naman daw kaya nagsearch ako ngayon kase mukang di naman kapanipaniwala. Thanks sa post na to,hindi ako pupunta bukas,dpat nga tonight kaya lang di ako pede.

  47. same here. we went to ocean park last august 22 and my partner signed up for like a raffle promo. then yesterday he received a text message that we would get the same offer you mentioned. it is really enticing and so my partner asked me to search for the website they asked us to log in, I signed up and found nowhere any promo regarding this accommodation stuff. out of curiosity, i searched google and literally typed in ‘luxury hotel gift certificate in crown regency hotel’ and found this. Thanks for this post.

  48. Thank you for this post. Today, I am about to get my GC worth 18K of 5-star Hotel accomodation (Crown Regency?). The awarding will be on their new office at Island Cove, 2F Magdiwang Hall, Kawit, Cavite. Buti na lang nabasa ko ito.

  49. parang ayw ko ng pumunta, i got a call 3 days ago, lalake then he said wait dw aq ng 3 days pra maconfirm na mappili aq, so i didn’t really pay attention to it, but early this morning may tumwag sakin Joanna Sy daw. so follow up call dw na confirm na napili aq for promotion of crown regency, parehas na parehas lang din un mga snbi skn sa mga sinabi sa inyo peeps, medyo nagduda lang aq kc last 3 days un lalaki un tumwag skn ay SKYEXPERIENCE un offer, then today naging CROWNREGENCY, i can’t say yet na scam cla but i feel something na may misleading na mangyyari to get what they want. & actualy im about to go tomorrow, so now pagiicipan q pa maige, but i ever na ppunta q, i’ll not let my guard down nlang. hehe

  50. Who can help me to sell my CLUB ULTIMA MEMBERSHIP?Nabiktima ako since 2011, 3 Voucher palang nagamit ko at may 4 pcs pa ako..but totally waste of hu..hindi ko makontact tel numbers nila sa website nila.

  51. Ganon din sa akin my tumawag.pumunta kami kanina .nag umpisa ng 1:30 presentation natapos ng 4 o clock. Nag down kami ng 20k … kinuha namin 7 nights . 424,000 lifetime na siya. Magbayad ka lang ng monthly para matapos mo yung 424,000 . Sa mga travelers makatipid talaga lalo lalabas ka ng bansa. Pero kung hindi nag travel wag ka na lang kumuha. Hindi naman sila scam. Dapat open minded ka . Nasa sayo lang yan kung mag fill up ka ng form at gusto mo magbayad ka talaga ng downpayment hindi mo na ma refund kasi gusto mo eh. At bago ka pumerma meron doon nakalagay downpayment none refundable kung nabasa mo yun pwede mo hindi ituloy.

    1. Their marketing strategy is sick. Its more of a hard selling, my experience is that they did not let me get out of my seat until i got to pay reservation fee. Napakakulit nung agent nila. As in!!!! Well I have my membership deactivate and bye bye 20K. Hope these guys can sleep at night. Not refunding the hard earned money of the people. They are like holdaper in a soxal way.This is their reply to me when I ask for refund.

      7:1. “I / We understand that should I/We wish to back out of this reservation, there will be a cancellation fee of P20,000 if done within 15 days of the reservation.
      There will be NO REFUND of all payments made if cancellation is done after 15 days of the reservation.”

      Wag kayo magpapaloko!!!

  52. I just got a call right now from this # 09179582128 from Mr. Ignacio daw. Nanalo daw ako sa raffle promo sa Shopwise and the prize is 3D/2N hotel accommodation as Crowne Regency. Almost naniwala ako kasi dun ako lagi naggogrocery and lagi akong nagfifill up ng raffle coupons dun. Invitation to claim is at Island Cove, Binakayan, Kawit Cavite with free dinner buffet. Haay buti na lang skeptic talaga ako sa mga ganito so I checked Shopwise kung may ganun nga silang prizes and found none. I just wondered panu nila nakukuha yung mga information. This has to be reported. Kawawa naman yung mga maloloko nila.

  53. Their marketing strategy is sick. Its more of a hard selling, my experience is that they did not let me get out of my seat until i got to pay reservation fee. Napakakulit nung agent nila. As in!!!! Well I have my membership deactivate and bye bye 20K. Hope these guys can sleep at night. Not refunding the hard earned money of the people. They are like holdaper in a soxal way.This is their reply to me when I ask for refund.

    7:1. “I / We understand that should I/We wish to back out of this reservation, there will be a cancellation fee of P20,000 if done within 15 days of the reservation.
    There will be NO REFUND of all payments made if cancellation is done after 15 days of the reservation.”

    Wag kayo magpapaloko!!!

  54. Kung madami sa inyo ang naloko bakit nag ooperate parin sila as of now (11/08/2015). Kung totoo kayong naloko, ang hindi paggawa ng aksyon para sila ay managot sa mga ginawa nila ay pangto-tolerate sa mali.

  55. Actually i dont think na scam ang club ultima galing ako today sa presentation nila..
    Magalaing sila mag sales talk but it is part of their marketing strategy and wala akong nakikitang mali doon.
    Nasasa inyo parin naman ang desisyon e kayo ang nag dedecide hindi sila and hindi naman nila ako pinilit na mag avail ng package nila and after ko mag refuse sa offer nila i still get my free accommodation at Crown Regency

  56. As part of our promotion! We are happy to inform you that you are one of our recepients in SYSTEM INTEGRATION PHIL. (SMX) You will be receiving from us a luxury Hotel Accommodation Gift Certificate from CROWN REGENCY HOTEL. Congratulations! You are entitled for a 3days and 2nights stay in Crown Regency Hotel in CEBU(Fuente Osmeña, Guadalupe or Mactan) or in Agdao Davao. It is good for 2adults and 2kids only. No Validity, you can use it anytime you want. NOTE: Airfare and Food not included and upon using the voucher, 2 weeks ahead of time call our reservation dept. You can log on to more info,just dial 3468725 and look for MS. ROCKY DELA CRUZ Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!

    Scam still ongoing.
    Received this text last Dec 7, 2015.
    Thanks for this forum, I’ll not meet them

    1. same person who called me yesterday using same spiels. She used this number 09166971103. and someone from their office called me this morning using 09369205828 to follow-up my schedule tonight stating that if I will not claim the 18K worth of GC, my price would be forfeited. Good thing I made my research first, was actually planning to go tonight.

  57. (REMINDER) GREETINGS FROM CROWN REGENCY HOTEL (QC OFC.) we would like to remind you regarding our invitation tomorrow, thursday, dec. 10, between 5-7:30PM here @ our CROWN REGENCY HOTEL/CLUB ULTIMA QC Ofc., We are glad that since we made a commitment the last time upon talking w/ you personally over the phone. We are certain that we have your word and that you will be coming tomorrow, for the claiming & awarding, we will be there @ our QC-scout albano st., corp. ofc, I will be coming all the way from our head office to personally assist you. We will expect you tomorrow, Thank you- michelle sy

    Nganga sila bukas…

  58. Whew! until now….they are offering this GC,,,, i have an appointment to claim it on Saturday..happy and awakening for me to browse over here…now i will cancel everything and re schedule my time into not important appointment.

  59. Its not really a scam, you get to enjoy all the perks that they promised. We took the package back in 2009 (370K that time). Yes its a bit expensive but if you love to travel, you will appreciate it. I have just booked Crown regency Boracay for our travel this coming May.

    1. Whether or not the package is a scam, the way they present it is deceiving. That’s the part that makes the entire thing dubious. Especially the part where they tell you you won something without giving details and how you won even if you didn’t join anything. They usually get your contact details from old raffle tickets that were thrown out from a different contest, usually in expos. Check the comments here out for more personal experiences:

  60. Good day! Thank you for this article. I just received a call today about this. I don’t know why but my fingers led to my keyboard to type about this call and found a lot of articles about this Mystery Call. So, to cut it short, my partner and I will not be going today! hehe. However, I am a little worried as they have asked me some personal info and I obliged by giving it to them. Will they use that for something “stupid” or what-not? haaaaaaayst!

  61. just receive a call from club ultimate. pinapapunta ako bukas sa island cove. same din ng sainyo may 90mins video daw with free dinner. di daw need magadala ng cash. after daw nun bibigay ung 18k worth na certifiate para sa crown regency.

  62. I think its not a scam…they have concept called TIMESHARE and you have to understand the system. Many companies here in the Philippines offered that concept and one of the requirement is you have you have your own hotel to market before getting international affilliation. As of this moment im a member of a hotel in Boracay and club ultima is one of their competitor together with One Tagaytay Place, Astoria Plaza Hotel and many more. They have that concept of joining right there and then during the presentation. I also avail my vacation with crown regency and tagaytay because they are in the same international affilliation. So far i enjoying my membership with those hotels. For me this is not a scam (just saying). Thanks!

  63. I just got a call today confirming if I want to continue my membership with them. I’ve already invesTed almost 40k with them. Has anyone filed a complaint already? With all the negative feedback here, maybe someone could lead us in making a formal complaint. Madami sila naloloko kasi madaming unaware of scams like this. If someone is filing a complaint, I’m one with you

    1. For those who want to file a complain,all you have to do is to make and give a complain letter to DTI FTEB (Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau) under Mediation Division(Address: 2nd Flr. UPRC Building, 315 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City) or call 811-8234. I already did coz I am also one of their victims last January 2016… I will give you my shared experienced here later because as for now my case is already in Adjudication Division. And I am waiting my Clarificatory Hearing w/c will be held soon. I continue to filed the case because I believed they violated the Consumer Act of the Philippines more particularly on provision on deceptive, unfair and unconscionable acts/practices. In my case, late ko napuntahan ang site na ito, crown regency ang nacheck ko if legit ang invitation since iyon ang invitation nila for Crown Regency Hotel. Kinabukasan lang after ko magattend & magbayad ng mag google ako ng Club Ultima at makita ko tong forum na ito and other beware website… Sa text pa lang deceiving na di ba? So if you all believed na gaya ko meron mali sa gawain nila, file a complain para wala na silang mabiktima pa.

  64. What puzzles me is how the hell they get your Info! Someone called me today by the name of Mr. Israel Lim; such a “too good to be true” offer, but I did not gave in..Based from the experiences here looks like indeed its a sort of SCAM, parang style ng marketing strategy ng COCOLIFE insurance sa loob ng mga Sm Malls; anyway, I’m using a Globe postpaid # and is it possible kaya that they get all the info’s from the Telco?

  65. What puzzles me is how the hell they get your Info! Someone called me today by the name of Mr. Israel Lim; such a “too good to be true” offer, but I did not gave in..Based from the experiences here looks like indeed its a sort of SCAM, parang style ng marketing strategy ng COCOLIFE insurance sa loob ng mga Sm Malls; anyway, I’m using a Globe postpaid # and is it possible kaya that they get all the info’s from the Telco?

  66. My family and I experienced this same thing but from Astoria Current last week when we were in Boracay. We were walking by when someone offered us free lunch or dinner buffet as part of their marketing they will just show us their hotel room so next time we can consider to stay in their hotel. I agreed as aside from.the free buffet I really like looking at hotel rooms.

    Come dinner time they first asked us what our jobs are and with a tone that’s offensive but I let it pass. Then showed us the room then brought us to a room with a lot of cubicles. The gay guy explained this time share concept to us but we kept on asking him how much it would cost us like 4-6 times but he never answered our question. It was very uncomfortable to be in that situation. You know he’s manipulating you and trying to rob you of your money. They way I understood it is I am paying in advance all those hotel room accommodations wayyy in advance, years in advance. Which for me does not make sense for me as I could use that money for other things and just book whenevet we need to. I said I don’t make rush decisions based on impulse so the guy moved on to my aunt. Auntie said she will have to ask her husband as he would kill her but the guy seemed annoyed and tried to make her sign up even more.

    When he realized he’s not getting anything from us put of frustration he then asked us to fill up a form for referrals. At that moment I’d do anything just to get out of there! But unfortunately for him my phone died and there’s no way I can get numbers to share. He was obviously pissed and said “OK MAM IHATID KO NA NGA KAYO SA LABAS!” He almost kicked us out brought us outside the hotel then turned his back without a word. I kinda understand him though. Wasted his effort and saliva for nothing.

  67. good day!

    i and my wife are members of Club Ultima. and just like any other private leisure club, it offers exclusivity. it can be said that timeshare clubs can be likened to Golf Clubs. you can become a member and enjoy benefits and facilities once the membership requirements are satisfied, which includes the expensive fees.

    the good thing with the membership i got is that it is lifetime. the membership can and may be transferred, inherited and/or sold/buy-backed. there is no expiry, so that as long as the club is operational, the member and his dependents can continually enjoy its perks. its almost like owning a house – it is yours no matter what. however, i dont know about what other clubs have to offer.

    one of the advantages of owning a timeshare is its ability to keep accommodation expenses unchanging overtime and at a minimum. it means that even when room rates skyrocket overtime, club members will still enjoy relatively low monthly/annual rates on their memberships. take note that it is only for the truly interested, and for the frequent traveler/vacationer. perhaps many Filipinos are not yet ready to such, but most would definitely like to enjoy its privileges.

    yes club membership is expensive, that is what makes it exclusive. we have availed of such for future enjoyment, call it leisure insurance or vacation savings. it is something we would like to enjoy after all our hard work when we are about to retire or already on retirement. the clubs inclusive nights vouchers are cumulative and may be used in other local facilities or with international affiliates. its food/service coupons are also cumulative and do no expire. it means that if you do not use your vouchers/coupons for 5 years, you will have 5 years worth to consume when you do use them.

    what im saying is this: timeshare club membership is for the long-term plans of leisure enjoyment. it is not inexpensive so do not expect any less. and just like any other leisure activities, it is non-essential. therefore it is only for those who have enough to spare, or perhaps for those who can save early.

    as for the “scam” that others have experienced, i cannot speak for them. what we have availed is genuine and tangible since we are able to use its facilities at no extra charge. i hope that this sheds light to some of the issues.

    1. Hi James. I think one of the things that makes it deceiving is that they don’t mention the word “timesharing.” They explain it in a different way. It’s been years since this happened to me so I can’t recall, but I do remember that they didn’t use the word timesharing.

  68. up until now ganyan parin ang strategy nila.. and patuloy parin silang nanloloko ng tao..actually tatlong beses ng may tumawag sakin from club ultima..and paulit ulit lang ang sinasabi..and since nakabasa na rin ako sa ibang kagaya nitong blog,,, nablock ko na ang number nila..

    thanks sa blog na to..

    1. Hi Guys,

      Im not a club ultima member.. neither an employee.. but i am enjoying the benefits of being a member of club ultima.. My sister got the membership and every year she is entitled for a 7 days accommodation which i am enjoying it in some of my travel.

      I hope this will be helpful. you really need to invest. to experience the benefits.

      1. Your sentence construction confused me LOL

        You just mentioned

        “Im not a club ultima member.. neither an employee.”

        yet you said

        “but i am enjoying the benefits of being a member of club ultima..”

        Turns out it’s your sister who served as a member. As it appears you are beneficiary hahahaha

  69. I’m fooled by Club Ultima I’ve total paid 450k and another monthly maintenance fee of 1200. I’ve never enjoyed the value that I’ve paid to the club and I’ve just robbed of my hard earned money that just goes to waste. There basement parking lot always smell shit, there facilities are worst, untidy and lacks maintenance. What more they are asking now for room charge for 3500. Is there anybody can help me here if I can collect some of my money can be backed?

    This scammers should be punished.

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