Just another weight loss drama

In my struggle to shed off the whooping lbs I have gained in a year, I decided to regularly jog over the weekends. From 120 to a shameful 140 lbs at a height of 5’3″. Damn, I have to slap these figures on my face everyday.

I would jog either in the morning or evening. When I have the courage to break my long hours of sleep every weekends, I jog at around 6 to 8 in the morning. When I can’t drag my lazy ass from bed, I have to force myself to jog in the evening. If an athlete is reading this, I will surely receive a huge spank on my face. You call that one hour of jogging as a sacrifice? Perhaps, we can exchange shoes until before Christmas? That would make me finally return to my extra small blouses and pants. 

I am now painfully learning what other people kept saying about weight gain. Unlike money, weight is easier to gain than lose. Once it’s in your body, you have to endure countless sacrifices to lose it.

I started jogging a month ago and to my biggest disappointment, I gained a heartbreaking 2 lbs. I used to battle 138 lbs and now I am screaming 140 lbs. God, what happened? Begging and kneeling before you, please stop this vicious spell in my life.

I have related this story to some of my friends and this is what they all said, “Dude, those 2 lbs might be the muscles you have gained.” Muscles? Another thing I wouldn’t want to gain after the fats and lbs. I don’t have plans to look like a male athlete. I know my face doesn’t count as a decent member of the female populace. But for heaven’s sake, I don’t want to gain male hormones and features! Muscles are never the welcome additions to my life. Why can’t God transfer it to the male populace instead?

To perhaps console my dwindling self-esteem, a friend gave me a lecture on excercise, weight gain and muscles. My friend told me that I am still in the early stages of my efforts to lose weight. Normally, people who engage in regular exercise develop muscles. After some time, prolonged and regular excercise will lead to weight loss. Without further Google research, I believed my friend. Perhaps I am still in the stage, where my body is adjusting and coping with my forced routinary weekend jogging. This could also explain why my legs feel like a truck of  logs from Monday to Tuesday.

I’m learning a lot from my efforts to shed off that heavy monster that entered my body. In God’s time, I hope I will gain or I mean lose something from this hard sacrifice that I have  to live every weekend.


6 thoughts on “Just another weight loss drama

  1. Muscles are good! They make your body stronger. Running get easier when you’re stronger. We NEED muscles. Ever seen a person who lost a bunch of weight but did no weight training or strengthening exercise?! Flabbedy flab flab flab! Not cute!

    Other than that, have you considered your food intake? Are you eating the “right” things?

      • LOL. Same here. I like what I like, and I eat what I like.
        What DID work for me (in high school) was Weight Watchers. It allows you to eat what you want to eat. It’s just that you have to watch your portion. Counting the points is really easy, and it becomes second nature very quickly. I had the point values of my favourite things memorized, and loved that I could bank points for Sunday pig-outs. Check it out!

  2. Congrats in your ongoing efforts. Sometimes the scale is the enemy. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Sometimes the scale doesn’t reflect how exercise boosts our mood and energy level and helps us feel sexier in our clothes. Keep it up. It will inevitably pay off 🙂

    • hello there! thanks for the visit and comment in my rarely visited blog. 🙂 I am equally glad to know someone who is struggling with this evil weight gain. i will surely update, for better or for worse, i will blog about this ultimate sacrifice 😉

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