Tell me how?

I’ve been jogging every weekend for almost a month. And so far what I benefited are aching legs and thighs. Did I mention that in the span of a month, I further gained 2 lbs. From 138, I am now exactly 140 lbs and I hope no more further counting. Please God, stop this vicious thing.

After my morning jog, I went to the mall to purchase a nice discounted top. I tried size medium and to my dismay, it didn’t fit. Perhaps the blouse was really too small. Perhaps the fabric was too stiff.  But as I took off the blouse I was awakened by a depressing reality. I’m used to seeing my bulgy belly, but my back was a big surprise. I’m starting to develop those nasty flabs on my back.

Exercise, jogging in particular may not work for me. Next option? Diet! Oh boy, that’s the last thing I don’t want to do. I love food. I love Coke and cakes. I never imagined giving them up. Life would be oh so sad without sugar and cholesterol.

And to prove to everyone how much I ballooned in a span of two years, here’s the living evidence


(photo deleted )


3 thoughts on “Tell me how?

  1. You may have gained MUSCLE! That happens a lot. A lot of people gain before they lose. Also, the scale isn’t the beginning and the end. Get yourself some measuring tape. Check your stats as well. You may have lost inches. Don’t be discouraged!

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