Chicken Charlie Reviewed

After attending the annual Our Lady of La Naval procession, me and my friends would make it a point to try a new restaurant in anyhwere in Quezon City. For this year, we explored Banawe and ended at Chicken Charlie.

I haven’t heard of Chicken Charlie. I totally have no idea of what they really offer. On the way to the restaurant, my companions though told me that Chicken Charlie offers something like the famous Chicken Bonchon.

Chicken Charlie

Chicken Charlie prides itself for offering one of the best tasting fried chickens. They claim to have a unique way of frying their chickens. They also have this special spice that gives their chicken a unique and savory taste.

Here’s what we ordered

And my rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Taste – Excellent! The chicken really tastes unique and great. True to the company’s claim, their chickens are not greasy. It is fried and dipped in Soy Garlic sauce that doesen’t leave an oily after taste. Another option for the sauce is the Hot Sweet.

Service – I believe they cook chickens as you order. Surprisingly, orders are served fast. Though if I would rate their service crews, I’ll give them a average score only. I also have to note the paper that serves as a mat for their plastic plates. The paper food mat is so thin and brittle. You will end up tearing the paper into pieces as you slice the chicken in your plate.

Price – Chicken Charlie is reasonably affordable.

Chicken Charlie Menu

Prices are not bad for a group. Although the packages are not favorable for solo orders. They don’t offer solo value meals. The most that you can have for a solo meal is the Charlie’s Bowl for Php 59. The bowl is made of rice and chicken breast fillet toppings. If you want to taste their classic chicken wings and drumsticks, you have to purchase any of their packages, which for me is very affordable.

Place – This is their main weakness. The have a very limited space in their Banawe branch. If I am not mistaken, they have 5 tables that can accomodate around 20 clients only.

Except for the place, I’m giving Chicken Charlie an above average rating. I’ll rate them with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Great chicken at the most affordable prices. I will surely come back at Chicken Charlie.


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