I have accepted the fact that I am the only person reading this blog. Though I have a few usual visitors, who for the sake of friendship are forced to read this blog.

I was almost contented with my pathetic blog life. After all I believe that excessive blog exposure and readership will surely have its own unhealthy disadvantages. My boring blog also suits my quiet personality, who does not really enjoy receiving so much attention. I love my silent and peaceful life. To some extent, I also feel that too much readership would later cause some trade off with my freedom of speech.  If everyone reads my blog then I can’t just write about annoying and insensitive colleagues to a few relatives, who for some reason I have grown to dislike  Ooops, did I just hit someone? Warning: All situations and persons appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.  LOL, I think that phrase is better than saying beep! beep! Anyone got hurt?

And why am I suddenly writing about the status of my blog? Apparently, I have again proven that a person doesn’t need to shout to be heard or even noticed.

After a year of keeping this blog, I was surprised to gain some followers…. and take note.. from other countries. As to how that happened, I don’t know. My tags and perhaps my occasional visits to blogs that were featured to the most coveted Freshly Pressed made new hits in my blog. This silent practice gave me one to two followers.

One of my many eight followers includes the blog, My Event Full Life. (I failed to ask her name and her profile does not reveal). Anyhoo, she gave me this badge

Thank you dear follower!

She mentioned in her post that I need to do prepare two lists after accepting the badge.

First task: Enumerate 7 things about myself.

Here you go!

1. I can’t sleep unless my bed sheets and pillow cases are neatly tucked. I hate dirty and crumpled bed linens.

2. I don’t wear lipsticks. I don’t know how to perfectly apply and maintain them. I always end up having lipstick residues on my teeth.

3. I don’t wear heels. I am on the contrary obsessed with flats.

4. I can’t live without hair conditioners. My hair is chemically damaged and treated so I badly need those fabric softeners, I mean hair conditioners.

5. I love my part time teaching job. Well, the truth to that matter is that I have a love-hate relationship with teaching. I have learned to love teaching but its accompanying task of checking tons of papers is what I hate. I love to speak, explain and share new things to these young minds.

6. I love my free lance research jobs. They form my few and humbled accomplishments. An accomplished job makes me feel that I still have self-worth. All of my clients have successfully defended their paper and earned their graduate degrees.

Just to prove that I am an effective research consultant / statistician, I was able to assist a masteral student to finish her thesis on time. We never met in person but we were able to make things work. Text messages and email were enough for us to get things done.

7. I am single, boring but not unloved… nuff said!

Second Task: Pass the award to 15 blogs!

I think I can’t complete the 15. But just the same, I’m complying with the fun part of the task. I’m passing this award to the following blogs

1. Travel for Travel’s Sake

2. Conch Salad

3. Over a Piece of Cake

4. By Nikki Photography

5. Nanayisms

Wishing everyone a great weekend.


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