Just a Selfish Vanity Post: What’s inside my bag?

To lighten up things in my complicated life, allow me to make my first vanity post in my “serious” blog.

A segment from a defunct local TV show inspired me to write this post. The show have this segment called “bag raid,” where reporters forcefully peek in the contents of the bag of a female celebrity. Whether I hated or loved the featured celebrity, I was always curious of what was inside their bags. Silly and non-sense, but those segments never failed to poke my interest.

Since no one would ever be interested in peeking in my cheap and generic bags, allow me to do things by myself. Presenting… my own bag raid 😉

What's inside my bag?

1. Foldable Umbrella – I am a regular commuter so an umbrella is a must. This gadget protects me from getting roasted from the scorching heat of the sun and experiencing colds from unexpected rain showers.

2. Beauty Kit – My everyday beauty kit is comprised of a comb with large teeth (to combat my long unmanageable and tangled hair), hair clamp (to hide those tangles and frizzy hair), face powder (preferrably Maybeline’s Extra Smooth Clear Shine Foundation), eye shadow (Human Nature’s Mineral beauty palette), blush on (preferably Maybeline’s Cinnamon blush) and a dark brown eye brow pencil (to tame and groom my thin eye brows).

3. Alcohol please! – This is a regular content of my bag. Do I need to explain? 😉 I prefer those alcohol with skin moisturizers. Regular rubbing alcohol usually leaves my skin dry and prone to paper cuts.  So moisturizers to keep my skin clean and healthy are preferred.

4. A Book – I’m a regular commuter so most of the time I am trapped in traffic in a boring public transportation. A good read is enough to keep me occupied in those periods where I need to battle long hours of traffic.

5. Small and big wallets – My small wallet serves as my coin purse while the big wallet is where I store my cards, IDs, etc. etc.

6. Techie stuff – My both obsolete Nokia E63 and iPod Nano. In times when I am stuck in traffic and reading a book is no longer possible, my iPod Nano is there to save the day. I usually go home late so my iPod Nano is my constant boredom buster from the long hours of travel.

7. My rosary – My refuge and my companion in times of distress. A lot of people bring rosaries because they believe that it’s a lucky charm. The rosary for me is more than an amulet. It serves as a reminder to my devotion to the Blessed Mother.

That’s it for my bag raid. 😉 Till my next.. hopefully… happy post.


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