Sincerity Chicken Reviewed

It has been months since I last reviewed a restaurant. My schedule and lack of friends to tag along are among the few reasons why I fail to write some food posts.  To break my long hiatus, I’m reviewing one of the many inexpensive restaurants in my favorite Binondo.

I have to thank my friend Anna for insisting to try this restaurant.

This was one of Anna’s birthday wishes. She told me she wanted to try this restaurant on her birthday. Being the dutiful friend, I agreed to locate this restaurant in Binondo.

Sincerity Restaurant is located in the heart of the Yuchengco St. (formerly Calle Nueva). Yuchengo street is an area in Binondo where most businesses offering office supplies and machines are located.  The entire street is about wholesalers of office supplies. As we were locating the restaurant, I began to have doubts of its real location. But after a 5-minute walk from the original branch of Savory Restaurant, we found it. Hooray! Thank you Google Maps. 🙂 Turns out, it was the only restaurant in the entire stretch of the Yunchengco street.

Anna was fascinated over the popular reviews for Sinecrity Chicken. We don’t want to miss the speciality of the house so here it is.

We ordered the famous Sincerity Chicken good for 4 persons at around Php 200 to Php 300. (Can’t remember the exact price)

If I would rate the chicken, I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Price – It’s reasonable enough for Php 200 to 300.

Servings – If you are really in for a food trip this serving might not be enough for 4 persons. The pieces of the chicken are relatively small.

Taste – To be honest, nothing really distinct and spectacular about the chicken. Though it tastes good enough, the taste was not highly appealing. Not bad, but not so excellent either. An average rating will do for the chicken.

Aside from chicken, we also ordered this stuffed Kikiam. (Not really sure of the exact name.) I’ll give this dish 4 out of 5 stars. It’s unique and the taste combines different flavors.

Kiampong rice which tastes like brown rice. It has peanuts and some vegetable slices.

We also ordered Lumpiang Shanghai. But just the same, it’s cheap for a few pieces and nothing unique and appealing to remember.

Binondo occupies a smaller section of Manila’s land area. Abundant space is a rare find in Binondo. All business establishments are challenged to maximize their share of limited space. Sincerity Restaurant is one of the many restaurants that occupies a limited space but it has managed to maintain a clean and conducive place to dine. The ambiance of the fancy elegant Chinese restaurants is not something that Sincerity Restaurant has. However, the restaurant compensates for its fast and efficient service. Food is served hot, fresh in a little span of time.

Overall, I would give Sincerity Restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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