Crayola Moment: Painful days

Last Friday was consistently not a good one. While I spent my weekend outdoors, I thought my sadness and frustration will be over. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

I thought I have already moved on from my failed attempts to seek for funding opportunity. I admit the pain of rejection is still in my heart. Forgetting is far from reality. At the very least, I thought I can move on. I thought it was over. I failed to realize that the idea of letting go is just in my thoughts.

As I am on the way to work, my failed attempts to beg for funding opportunities are still thriving in my heart. Letting go and moving on is an everyday process of trickling pain. The real key in moving on and letting go is to learn how to survive each day where each piece of failure is like shattering me to pieces.

Soon.. I hope and pray.. I will be fine…and when that day comes I hope I will also be able to redeem myself.  To redeem the life, happiness and the confidence that I am capable to write and make things happen..


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