Crayola Moment: Practice what you preach

I’v been slapped, not just once but twice. Worst is that I allowed it to happen.

When I wrote this post, I remember saying that sometimes companies formulate policies and procedures that are contradictory to their thrust or to be more specific, mission and vision.

A company that envisions a paperless system should discourage the use of excessive forms and printed documents as supporting evidences. However it turns out that a lot of departments require multiple copies of forms and paper attachments for a specific request could be processed.  A simple situation where policies, procedures vs. company thrust become in conflict with each other.

Just this Friday, I had my own plate of this problem. I applied for financial support for a research opportunity abroad.  It is clearly stated in the company’s mission that in a matter of years, the institution will be known as a cradle for quality researches.  Hence, the company is willing to support any research endeavor that would empower the institution. Exactly a week after I submitted my letter of application, guess what? I WAS DENIED! Award!! Okay, the crayola award is hereby bestowed to ME!!!! Puffy eyes and dark spots here we come.

And if I could just disclose the silly reason why I was denied. I would have accepted if they told me that my paper was a hell of a toxic waste. Why am I upset? Wait for my succeeding crayola blog posts. For now, allow me to sleep, rest and temporarily forget about this not-so-good life.


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