My first Book Mooch experience

Remember my post on how to receive free books? You may access that post here.

I am a member of both Book Sneeze and Book Mooch. I have received my first book from Book Sneeze but I haven’t posted my book review.  😦 My experience with Book Mooch was different though.  Most of the books in my wish list are available in their shelf. Yipee! But I cannot request all of the books in my wishlist unless I have successfully sent a book to another fellow member.

I am about to send one of my books to an interested Book Moocher on the next payday. At the same time, I have requested a book to a fellow member from United Kingdom. She agreed to send me the book weeks ago and after the confirmation, I totally forgot about the book.  Friday morning came and when I was in a hurry for work, my mother told me that the mailman has a parcel for me from United Kingdom. My initial reaction was, who would ever send me something from such a far country?

The parcel contains this

Happiness! My first Book Mooch experience!


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