Ba-de-ya September!

So how do I start my post for September 1, 2011? This day is just so significant that I can’t find the perfect words to start everything.

This day has been so meaningful because

1. SeptemBER marks the start of the BER months. In a few more months, it will be Christmas and my birthday. Though honestly I have been reluctant in saying this because of what happened over the past years. For some reason, something bad happens days and months before my birthday for the last two years. Hopefully in God’s grace, everything will be fine over the next months. Please Lord.

2. September 1 marks my 7th year in working. I have been a corporate slave for seven straight years. (award! hahaha)  This makes me feel too old and remember my college days. It feels like I’ve just graduated yesterday. 😉

3. September 1, 2011 is my first anniversary in my new office, with my new boss.  I will forever be thankful to him because of the confidence and opportunity he gave me.

4. September 1, 2011 – I was able to finally submit that long overdue research that would shape my fate on the next months. Hooray! Hopefully I made no mistakes in the manuscript (Please Lord). This is just one step down to my dream. On the next months, I will undertake more tasks to finally reach that dream.

So this was how I spent my significant September 1, 2011. Before the day ends  I treated myself to this

Oh weight gain!

At this point, I just want to sing and dance my heart out for that one mission accomplished

Ba-de-ya say do you remember

Ba-de-ya dancing in September, dancing in September, dancing in September

Shet para akong baliw. Ah basta happy ako ngayon!


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