Long Weekend Report

The long weekend is about to end. Six more hours it would be Wednesday and everyone is back to work again. In my previous post, I enumerated the things I wanted to accomplish.

In the four workless day, here’s a list of what I wanted to accomplish

1. Finish the long overdue research

2. My hair treatment preferably on a Saturday

3. Clean my room

4. Exercise to finally jog and lose those humps and bumps

5. A nice dinner with my friends and family

6. shopping yes shopping 😉

And the results of my four day workless weekend,

1. Finish the long overdue research – I’M STILL DOING IT!

2. My hair treatment – FAILED! WHERE’S OUR MONEY?

3. Clean my room – FAILED! No explanations accepted

4. Exercise – FAILED! I was lazy to get up early.

5. Nice dinner with family and friends – PARTIALLY  ACCOMPLISHED! My friend refused to join me to our long planned Banapple meal because of the crazy weather. I was already dressed up when my friend suggested not to push through. One of my friends who promised to text me last Monday for a mall meal treat failed to even send me a text message. I hope she’s fine.

6. shopping – YES! I WAS ABLE TO BUY MY DREAM LOAFERS LAST FRIDAY. I guess it’s really better to do things on your own.

Overall score: FAILED!

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