Long weekend

While most of my friends and colleagues will be enjoying the long weekend, I am on the contrary spending the next four days at home to finally finish that long overdue paper.

Yes it was a payday weekend but you see I was expecting more from my payroll account. Speculations about our performance incentive bonus has been an unanswered question in the last two weeks. When will it be released? I am as equally excited to receive extra money to set aside for savings, a treat for my parents, a pair of shoes for my Dad (and me), and my annual hair treatment. I own the worst hair type in the family and only that unending iron pulling process can give me that most coveted long straight hair.  Please give us our money, please…

In the four workless day, here’s a list of what I want to accomplish

1. Finish the long overdue research

2. My hair treatment preferrably on a saturday

3. Clean my room

4. Exercise to finally jog and lose those humps and bumps

5. A nice dinner with my friends and family

6. shopping yes shopping 😉

To my fellow Filipino working slaves, I hope you’ll enjoy your long weekend. (Oh I think I should be telling that to myself 😉 ) 


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