I miss my old workstation

I used to enjoy my own space in the workplace.

Not as pretty as this, but my workstation used to be covered with wood panel dividers. I have my own niche  and  I am saved from the unnecessary noise and disturbances. In effect, I can easily concentrate on my tasks..   

I was transferred to another office and I was squeezed in a small table with my printer, monitor, keyboard and phone. I never complained though because our small space was after all so quiet. It was still very conducive for working.

We again moved to another office and this time, I was given bigger space, bigger table, but no dividers were installed. I thought I was given convenience. Each work day was better not until those f*&^%@! sounds started to irritate me. Some days of the week become a hell because of those f*$%^! sounds. I hate it when I hear those sighs and murmurs. The sounds just infurirate me. I don’t want to wear earphones because I find it so rude and disrespectful in the workplace. Wearing earphones provides me an image that you don’t want to be disturbed (feeling like a boss) and you are imposing rude comfort in a place where you are expected to work.  Worst is that the creature never felt ashamed to wear one. I hope the creature realizes that the cause of the  f%^*@ NOISE

is _ _ _!    



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