Where’s my chicken?

It was nearing 12 pm and since it was raining so hard, we decided to have our lunch delivered at the workplace. We agreed to have KFC and I ordered my favorite fully loaded meal. The delivery arrived past 12, despite calling  them an hour in advance, CUSTOMER SERVICE SCORE down!

Hungry and excited over my hot and crispy chicken, I opened my box and I was given a huge surprise. Where is my chicken????? 

I can extend my patience over the absence of spoon, fork, or perhaps the fixin. Heck, of all items? How could they forget  the main reason why we ordered from them! 

My colleague called KFC and instead of immediately resolving the problem, the customer service representative directed our concern to the branch responsible for the delivery. And the same set of questions were asked! @#$%! All we wanted was the undelivered chicken which happens to be your fault. Why ask too many questions? Thirty minutes later the missing piece of chicken was delivered. The problem was resolved but since it was already 1 pm, I might as well not enjoy my most craved crispy chicken.

Poor Customer Service KFC delivery!


7 thoughts on “Where’s my chicken?

  1. Augh. Customer service that sucks, I super hate it. One of my pet peeves. Pero funny story.haha Kentucky Fried Chicken without the fried chicken. :))

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