Thank you Starbucks!

I was having a hard time doing my much needed paper at home last Sunday. I just can’t capture my concentration to write.

I used to have quiet Sunday afternoons with my parents. Sundays before meant hearing old songs, sumptuous lunch, and sleepy afternoons. But after a public school was constructed behind our house, we literally and figuratively lost that quiet Sunday life. A choir was regularly practicing in one of the classrooms and our ears would get exhausted over their voices. I’m not however criticizing the quality of their voices. It’s just that we get really tired of hearing repeated songs and vocalization exercises.

Before I waste another Sunday afternoon, I finally decided to look for a place where I could regain my focus in writing. I brought my netbook and with a struggling wallet, I went to the lone Starbucks  in my hometown.

I ordered my favorite Java Chip, glazed doughnut and Kettle Chips and prayed that after spending Php 285, I will finally have progress in my paper.

When I started working  the security guard approached me and offered to attach a cable lock to my netbook. It was my first time to experience this kind of supplementary service.

Photo from

I didn’t know that Starbucks provides laptop cable locks to its clients.
As much as I criticize companies who failed to practice proper customer service, I provide high appreciation to innovative and customer responsive companies. Thank you Starbucks!  And to the security guard on duty, thank you for the extended assistance. I will definitely be a loyal customer to Starbucks Marquinton. I hope all Starbucks branches will implement the same practice.

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