Lesser sleep means more weight

In my younger years, I never thought that weight will become a problem that will haunt me everyday. Years passed and I became the person I never thought of. I used to hate people who weigh everyday and would freaked out over a line of weight gain. Today, I imbibed the person I hate. Every time I stepped on that metal scale, I wanted the pointer to stop or move back. Wait,  this is not me at 138 lbs and still counting… grrrr!

I am not the best person to carry out a diet, I mean a “strict and disciplined diet.” I eat what I want to eat. The next best remedy for me is exercise but the courage to start is the problem. While I lack sleep during weekdays, I overcompensate myself during weekends. I sleep for almost 10 hours and when I wake up, it’s usually past lunch already.

I always thought that sleep deprivation is in one way or another synonymous to food deprivation. When you don’t eat, you are depriving your body of its needed nutrients. In effect, it could possibly lead to weight loss. In the case of sleeping, I thought the system works the same. Lesser sleep means depriving your body of its needed rest. In effect, you lose something and it contributes to weight loss too. To my biggest surprise, I was wrong.

While watching the Philippine Edition of The Biggest Loser, I learned that sleep deprivation could contribute to weight gain and even Diabetes. I googled additional sources and it was true enough. The simplest explanation I received was during the state of sleep, our body is breaking down more glucose. People who deprive themselves of sleep is altering this normal process of our body. In effect, our system can’t fully transform or decompose all those glucose. In the long run, the practice of sleeping late leads to weight gain and worst is acquiring Diabetes.

Lesson learned: Not all forms of deprivation leads to weight loss. In this case less sleep, more weight.

Sleep deprivation equates to weight accummulation.


One thought on “Lesser sleep means more weight

  1. Hmmm… This is a really enlightening blog Diane. Matakaw ako sa tulog hehe. Ever since I left the sleepless world of auditors, my sleeping habit became that of my children’s sometimes mas maaga pa nga ko sa kanila hehe. And I thought I should change this habit! Why, after reading this, I sighed with relief! Hehe.

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