Day 30 – Mission Accomplished!

Hurrah, mission accomplished! I’m done with my 30 day blog challenge.

After three days of out-of-town work, I’m back in the city to end my everyday blogging promise. I initally wanted to read my previous entries before I write this post. But I am just so tired and lazy to click the links and back track everything. I wanted to write something meaningful to conclude my challenge. But my tired spirits just can’t do it. 😦

I can however recall some posts that marked significance in my years of existence. One of which was an opportunity lost, forgotten and is now knocking back in my life. I have decided to take the opportunity despite the unknown challenges and problems it will bring.  My only prayer is that it will be a decision I will never regret taking.

Perhaps it was God’s will that He made me engage in this 30 day blog challenge. He knows that I am about to make this first kind of decision. He wanted me to document everything.

For now, what I can do is to prepare myself and still enjoy the suceeding months with my family and friends. Though now I have to tighten my belt and temporarily say goodbye to shopping. I have bills to pay and new expenditures are coming in with the decision I chose.


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