Day 27 – Oh Life! A series of unfortunate events

I just got home and as I am writing this post, I am starving and I need to pack my things for an out-of-town work. I need to rush this post because my cousin is also sleeping early and soon my free wifi connection is gone.  Hahaha, this is what I love about home, free internet connection courtesy of my cousin.

Today went like an ordinary day except that I was 30 minutes late for my class. I woke up late and to my dismay, the line of passengers at the LRT Katipunan station was so looong. I am thankful to the government’s effort of bringing in this fast and cheap mass transit. But instances like this really agitate me. LRT personnel please do something! Why don’t you deploy more security personnel to speed up the checking of bags? Over time this is my constant observation whenever I need to hasten things. The situation does not to cooperate whenever I’m in a rush. Just when I need to move faster, all the humps and bumps will connive and emerge.

The day at the office should have went smoothly too, except for some things I don’t prefer to disclose. The day ended and then again I have to take the mass rail transit. Just when I thought everything is over, my stored value ticket was rejected.  Geeeeez, strike two LRT!

I went to the Passenger Assistance Office to have my ticket checked. To my surprise, a lady employee handed me a slip that reads “Ticket Incident Report (TIR).”  The employee asked me to write my name and told me to return after 5 to 7 working days for my ticket. Heck, what’s that? Whoever thought of imposing this? A week to determine why a stored value ticket does not work?

Anyway, good thing I have a spare stored value card so I don’t need to wreck my struggling wallet with another Php 100.

As I am writing this post, I am about to sip my corn soup. I thought my hunger will be relieved but I was surprised with a sour corn soup. (Ewww, vommit!) Whatever happened to this day? Oh life!


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