Day 25 – Home Imprisonment

It’s 2:52 pm and still checking the papers of my students in our dining table turned messy office table. I thought I’m done but I’ve seen a bundle of hidden graphing papers. My hands are tired and my red pen’s ink is already exhausted. I started at 11 am and I haven’t realized that it took me 4 long hours to finish checking the papers of 60+ students. This is the hidden and tedious part of teaching. The job of a teacher does not end in the delivery of the lecture. After the classes, there are still gazillion of things that needs to be done.

The typhoon is gone (hopefully no more rains and strong winds) and this is the perfect time to go malling. But my wallet is screaming empty so I am forced to stay home, search for unwatched DVDs, read my books, blog hop and surf the ‘net and indulge on things that are still free at home.

I have two things to wish for right now, for the typhoon to go away and my wallet to be refilled with shopping money. (Wishful thinking!) But payday is days away and this makes me remember that I have an out-of-town work on the next days. An out-of-town work with an empty wallet, how about that?

So much ranting, I still have other things to do and I might as well start it by finally taking a bath and ending this blog post.


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