Day 24 – Working in Manila

No work today, yipee!  Since I am broke and the entire Metro is stricken by a typhoon, I’m staying home and spending the lazy afternoon with my family. Priceless happiness! Getting more than enough sleep, movie marathon, mushroom soup in a not so often cold temperature, thank you Lord!

But before I savor another rare extended weekend, I have things to do

1. Check the assignments and quizzes of my students

2. Some research writing job which needs immediate attention

3. Continue the 30 day blog challenge – Hoping there will be no power supply interruption on the next days

It was raining the past days and going home was a torture of walking and beating the crowd of fellow commuters. A big sigh after saying life of rank and file employee.

My colleague and friend Abigail has been telling me that I should blog our walkaton adventures. Since we have been walking from Lawton to Sta. Cruz for three days, I have been tempted to take pictures of our going home adventure. But the area of Lawton to McArthur Bridge is not the safest place to take out my mobile phone. I don’t want to risk my old but reliable phone and my life in the hands of a ruthless criminal. Thankfully, there are bloggers and photographers who accepted the responsibility of bringing Manila to pictures.

We walked the McArthur Bridge for three straight days

The problem with walking along the McArthur Bridge is the not so high metal panels or shoulders. The bridge’s shoulders are barely below my waist and you don’t need to be an acrophobic to be  frightened from falling to the Pasig River.

After walking with enough bravery from the Mc Arthur Bridge, we land to the historic and congested area of Sta. Cruz Manila.

Sta. Cruz from Traveler on Foot

One of my friends who used to work in Manila once told me that she would never again work in any area in Manila. The congested streets, flooding added to it the high incidence of petty crimes are the factors that discourage her to choose Manila. She is currently working in a financial company situated in the elite business district of Ayala Avenue. She would constantly tell me how she loves the clean, organized and community of well-dressed people  in Ayala Avenue. She feels a certain level of confidence and perhaps glamor whenever she tells that she is an “Ayala girl.”

I don’t contest any of her claims. Ayala is indeed way progressive and conducive for working professionals. But what perhaps made me appreciate Manila, despite the face of poverty and convenience it brings, is the priceless pieces of history it possess.  Manila is a home to most of the significant events in the Philippine history.  I don’t need to  enumerate them, allow our history books to relate the number of times Manila was involved from the revolution led by Katipuneros to the time the Philippines was colonized by the Japanese forces. Manila has a lot of stories to share.

Perhaps Manila’s rich history could serve as a reminder whenever I curse the need to walk and endure the flooded streets.  I am blessed to work in a place that served as a home to the many significant events in our history.

and i just ended up making a so cheesy post 😉


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