Day 20 – Restless Staycation

Extended weekends as a result of a holiday that falls on a Monday rarely happens. Everyone is certainly savoring their last few hours of the three day vacay. While everyone is relaxing, I’m having a one of a kind restless staycation. I still can’t get over that one major decision I have to undertake. Weeks to decide and a lifetime to determine whether it was the right choice. Sorry if I’ve been annoying everyone with my repeating thoughts. This is perhaps my own coping mechanism. I have to release my sentiments every now and then.

I had dinner with Abigail last Friday, malling with Lani, bought the belt bracelets I’ve been searching for months and a new blouse. But at the end of the day, I am still restless.  Aside from a few friends, I have consulted former superiors and their advice, follow my heart and go for that ultimate dream. I wish things would be as easy as saying yes. However saying yes to a dream means embracing all those responsibilities and complications.  I have to prepare myself first and foremost, financially. Aside from conquering my fear to the unknown future, I have to tighten my belt and raise the funds. I have to temporarily say goodbye to shopping and at the same time save and settle my existing bills.

Back today, I still have other things to do. It’s 735 pm and I have to prepare my lecture, make a quiz and check the submitted outputs of my students. I don’t want to ax a tower of paper works like what I did last semester. The papers piled up because I only checked them during the Christmas vacay and weeks before the examination. I was literally cramming with my students.

Tomorrow is another work week. I am looking forward for a productive week and finally that decision I have to make.


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