Day 15 – Decision

Yahoo! I’m half-way of my 30 day blog challenge. Will I ever finish my own race? On the 30th day of June I wish my answer is a big YES! Aside from saying mission accomplished, I hope I will be able to learn something from blogging in 30 straight days. I have yet to discover my answer 2 weeks from now.

When I started writing this entry I didn’t exactly know what to write. I feel that this will be an ordinary work day. Work, eat, commute, home, check my blogs, sleep and tomorrow is another day. My programmed expectation changed when I checked my Inbox after lunch. An email from Taiwan changed my entire day. I was all of a sudden happy, nervous, rattled and restless. At this point, I am not yet ready to disclose the specific details and the story behind the email. A few of my family and friends, who have been keeping in touch, are more or less familiar with my situation. They know the story of  an opportunity earned and lost for reasons beyond my control. It was an unfortunate event that shattered me for days and caused those tears and sleepless nights.

I have until July to render a life changing decision. By that time, the 30 day blog challenge is over and there maybe other things that would come my way. This is not my favorite thing to do, weighing pros and cons and coming up with that one great decision. As always, my silent prayer is that I would end up making the right choice. I have weeks to decide and months to determine whether I made the right choice. Lord, please help me.


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