Day 14 – Happiness

The past days has always been occupied by dinner with my friends. Times like this is supposedly all about happiness. However, as soon as I recover from the sumptuous meals, stories and laughter, I wake up like a broke piggy bank. (Literally and Figuratively!)  While my wallet is turning empty, my body is accommodating more fats which later on translates to weight gain.

Though going out with my friends make me fat and broke, this is one part of my life I can’t and perhaps will never give up. My real and true friends are the people who make my happiness.

I am sharing pictures of my friends, Clara and Abigail. It was an unplanned dinner. A text message from Abigail did everything.

Quoting Alanis Morisette, I’m broke but I’m happy!

PS This entry is for Day 14 but some internet connection issues hindered me from beating my June 14 deadline. Kainis! E@#$%^ Te@#$% is ruining my 30 day blog challenge.


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