Day 12 – How to dislike shopping?

I have been overspending over the past weekends. On the last week of May, I joined my cousins on their back to school shopping. I bought a Giordano v-neck shirt and I got so addicted with it. I was able to purchase two more pieces of that shirt.  The next weekend, I went out with Anna and Anne. I bought a blue long sleeves blouse from Bayo and I have been hiding it inside my cabinet. Shopaholic guilty! This weekend I joined again my cousins at SM Marikina. I bought so many stuff ….tsk tsk tsk Not to mention the ballerina flats I bought after I had dinner with Abby and Ate Weng. When will I ever learn to say no or better yet dislike shopping.

I was planning to lessen my spending because of three reasons, I wanted to settle my credit card bills, I want to fatten my savings account and I want to save up money for my dream of owning a Samsung Galaxy tab. I tried leaving my credit cards at home and it worked for some time. Knowing I don’t have those plastic electronic devices drove my feet away from the mall. But when my friends and cousins suddenly invited me for a mall escapade, I just can’t say no. Self control HELP!

My country is celebrating its 113th independence today. As much as I want to write an insightful post, my mind is so occupied with other things. I am  in particular so concerned on how to minimize shopping and properly handle my finances. Perhaps the best that I can contribute is to show pictures of some of the best local products in my country. All of these of course I gathered from my mall escapades.


Fresh sea water pearls

If there is one area where I excel, spending is my first and surest answer. When will i ever learn the opposite skill?


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