Day 9 – A Salute to all Executive Assistants

I was planning to make a post for my friends who were discriminated and underestimated because of their profession. I started the article last night and I originally planned to post it over the weekends. But a recent happening, which I will not detail, prompted me to finish and publish my sentiments today. 

I don’t collect and brag who and how many friends I have. I rather have few, counted, trusted and real friends. Call me arrogant and selfish, but I don’t befriend anyone. I have high respect to friendship so I don’t just use it as a means to fulfill my personal interests. I ain’t “user friendly.”  

Call us a nest of slaves and losers, but most of my friends belong to the segment of rank and file employees. Whether inside or outside the workplace, most of my friends are what some position powered creatures tagged as the educated slaves.  

As much as possible, I also avoid befriending upperclass people. I respect and admire some of them, but I don’t really initiate friendship. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of an insecured bitch. I chose to impose the distance because I value professionalism and I don’t want to project an image of being an opportunity seeker. I prefer to earn opportunities the hard but honest way. In this aspect, I admit that I am sort of a sadist.

I have a number of friends who are employed as Executive Assistants or Secretaries. Some of them are working in the industrial sector and some of them are my own colleagues. This job is more often than not underestimated by some conceitedly arrogant creatures. Unfortunately, only a few people understand and highly regard this profession. I am not an Executive Assistant but there are instances when I turned out to be one. I have also observed how my own colleagues with this position were stressed and enslaved.

The work of an Executive Assistant is not a walk in the park. They don’t just answer phone calls and draft letters for their bosses. First and foremost, they deal with people.. and not just ordinary people. They deal with heads, vice presidents, and other superiors within and outside their workplace. She serves as her boss’ front liner to these people. She should know how to professionally, literally and figuratively, cover up for her boss. When the boss doesn’t want to talk to another boss, she covers up and makes those believable excuses. When another office is bugging the boss’ output, she devises false but intelligent justifications. And how could I forget the English speaking and writing skills. An Executive Assistant should have the balls to carry a smart and English perfect conversation with all the people who deals with her boss.

When the boss is not around, the Executive Assistant takes care of everything. The Executive Assistant does not have the power to make crucial decisions, but it is her responsibility to ensure that the office is operating efficiently. All documents move in and out of the office properly. She also serves as the custodian of all the pertinent documents of the office. If the boss needs the document, she should be able to retrive it in a snap of a finger.

Most Executive Assistants are for some reason females. This profession has been dominated by the female populace. Perhaps it’s because the job requires a person who is naturally organized and systematic. I believe women are biologically designed to possess these traits. Orderliness in work and even to herself is a requirement among Executive Assistants. This means she also needs to physically project an image of being organized AT ALL TIMES. Neatly combed hair, shaped eye brows, just enough blush, lipstick, eye shadow, high heels, well ironed uniform, and a smile even when suffering from cramps and Dysmenorrhea; I can’t imagine how my friends in this profession are able to survive and still look forward to another day at work.               

Executive Assistants and Secretaries do not directly contribute to the company’s goals and objectives. They can’t increase sales, they don’t generate customers.. but they make the life of the people who is supposedly expected to lead the company easier.  They may not serve as the brains that imposes those policies and directives. But I see them as the integral veins that supply every drop of blood to the heart of the company. And you will agree with me that a healthy organization is not just comprised by a brain. It should both have the brain and heart to accomplish all things.


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