Day 7 – On waking up early

Warning: This is a totally unorganized post. 

Still coping with my new work schedule…..My usual teaching schedule was after office hours. I used to handle classes from 5:30 pm onwards. But for this semester, I was given a new schedule, 7:00 am! I have to wake up as early as 4:30 am!! My body is still adjusting and I hope it will cooperate soon.

To divert my thoughts over my adjustment period, I wore my new Anthology flats. (I know, a totally irrelevant topic) It’s so far comfy and versatile. I could even pair it with my jeans. And of course what comes next…the shopaholic me is considering another pair.

I have to mention that my current internet connection sucks @#$^! It’s performance and perks are not worth its price. And I’m not in the mood to talk about customer service today. My patience is dwindling and I believe this is not caused by waking up so early. When these inconveniences start to pile up what comes next? Damn @#$%^!

One of my coping mechanisms is sleeping during lunch breaks. It’s so far helping me alleviate my afternoon sleepiness. But I’m a bit reluctant of continuing this practice. My afternoon naps has been giving me bad dreams. This afternoon I dreamt that someone pushed me to a deep body of water. The other day I also dreamt that someone forced me to dive in a cliff. In both dreams, I never saw the person who pushed me and I suddenly rose from sleep when I am about to fall.  Sleep apnea? Hidden messages?

And before I end this post I can’t stop myself from saying this. “As much as possible, I don’t want you around me.” You are the most ungrateful and tactless man I’ve ever met.


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