Day 4 – Lazy Saturday because of Yesterday

This should have been included in my post yesterday. But since yesterday ended up so late, I didn’t had the chance to edit my Day 3 post. 🙂

After a tiring day and since it was a Friday, I went out with two of my workplace friends. Earning friends, I mean real friends, is one of the priceless rewards of working. While my workplace bestfriend, Tinee is enjoying her days in Boracay (envious), I had dinner with Abby and Ate Weng. We talked about a lot of things, from the recently concluded sportsfest, workplace issues, annoying colleagues (I won’t be pretentious. I can’t like everyone in the workplace. But of course, I won’t ever mention names here. So gossipers, bootlickers and squealers sorry! You can’t even see a blind item here.)

We had dinner at our all time favorite Pizza Hut. Stories, sentiments, laugh trip and good food.. simple things that make me happy. How I wish we could have this stress busting activity every Friday.

And what is the best word that rhymes with girl bonding? Shopping! Before we parted ways I caused another financial damage to myself.

Ultimate weakness!

Thank you Abby and Ate Weng. You both make my worklife easier and happier


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