Day 3 – Wish I could be in the Pink of Health

I got two wake up calls.  One of our utility personnel in the workplace died. The cause of his death was not clear to me but a number of my colleagues said that it was close to a kidney disease. While I was on the way to work, I noticed a fellow female passenger who has a bottle of mineral water tied on her right leg. Another glance made me realize of her pitiful condition. The bottle of mineral water has a tube that passes inside her loose shorts. She also keeps on holding a bulge on her right abdomen. She is suffering. She is living with the pain of perhaps a liver or kidney disease.

I am so used to ranting and complaining about my life. I’ve never learned this lesson. I have seen a lot of people whose lives are far worst than my life, but I never change. I will initially feel so fortunate and thankful. But on the next days, I’m back to the same old habit. Rant, complain and depression.

My mother always tells me that good health for the family has been her constant prayer. She is the best person who can attest that the best gift is good health. She witnessed how my brother’s life changed because of Meningitis. Above the debts to be paid , career and material ambitions, being endowed with good health suffices everything.

Looking at my lifestyle today, I should never be suprised if I suddenly wake up with different sicknesses. Lack of sleep, junk foods, and worrying too much… I am building my own path to self and health destruction. And not to mention my unhealthy weight gain…

Next week, I’ll be back to teaching. Hopefully that would give me enough exercise and workload to forget these negativities and focus on what better things life has to offer.


One thought on “Day 3 – Wish I could be in the Pink of Health

  1. Hi Diane!

    I have been backreading your blog for several weeks now. It is very insightful. I particularly enjoyed reading about your Economic Development post. But this post has also awakened a part of me.

    You are right. We might have been stricken with different illnesses unique to our own bodies and lifestyles, but the bottomline is, we should just be thankful that we’re still alive.

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