Day 2 – Moving on

I’m now in my new workstation. We transferred to another office and my new space is a way bigger. These are simple things that really make me happy.. 🙂 Back to yesterday, I’m still coping from my intimidating experience. Hopefully, the pressure of the tasks coming in the office will make me forget yesterday. You see, sometimes a burden of workload is a blessing too. It makes no difference from getting drunk and temporarily forgetting a bad day, heartache or frustration.

Yesterday gave me second thoughts of going back to school. I was suddenly thinking of pursuing a degree in Productivity and Quality Management. The monetary aspect as always hinders my intention. Aside from money issues, time is another concern. I don’t know if I can still manage teaching and studying at the same time.

But if I will be given a scholarship or grant, I might think twice. There’s a high possibility that I will take the opportunity despite the tightness of my schedule. It’s not everyday that this kind of blessing comes.

Today is my mother’s birthday. As I am writing this post, I felt so selfish for ranting about my life. I should be honoring the person who gave me my life.  Like her ordinary day, Nanay is at home, taking care of my special brother and spending the day with my dad.

In my family, birthdays are almost like an ordinary day. How I wish I would be able to do something special for her.  Perhaps, a vacation in a nice and quiet place like Tagaytay will do. Problem is I am quite short of budget these days. It’s still vacation so I don’t have additional earning from teaching. Though I bought her a nice blouse as a gift, I know that’s  not enough to make her feel special.

Happy Birthday Nanay! She may not be able to read this but deep in my heart I am thankful for all the sacrifices and lessons you gave me. You were the only person who stayed with me from the first day of my life. I look forward on spending more years with you and Daddy. Whenever my spirits are down, I would always think of you and all the countless sacrifices you endured  for me. You will always be one of the reasons why I continue to live and pursue this life.


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