Day 1 is June 1 – Swimming in the Ocean

My first entry to my 30 day blog challenge! In a few more days my typical work day will return. I have to start my day with my more than an hour of teaching and spent the next eight hours in the office. New assignments are pouring so things will be roughly different and demanding on the next months. Dealing with changes in the workplace are also on its way. New assignments, new management and more people to work with, I am now elevating my level of pressure expectation.

I just arrived home after attending a half day seminar about Strategic Planning. The seminar was intended for those who hold high positions in large corporations. When the invitation came to our office I told my boss that the activity may not be suited for me. I am not a target participant because if you have read my profile, I am merely a rank and file employee. True enough, my expectation became so real. I was with participants who are vice presidents, managers and officers. I felt like a fish in the vast ocean. I didn’t earn new technical terms from the seminar. I rather gained realizations about my career.

I used to be connected with the Research Department. I started and grew in the field of research. After years of working with researches, I was transferred to the Planning Office. I initially thought that my new job would share the same responsibilities in my previous post. I was so wrong. I never realized the need to start and rebuild myself.

When I transferred to the Planning Office, I almost drowned with the terminologies, principles and practices I never heard. I felt so dumb and useless. After so many years I felt like navigating the ocean without knowing my directions.

The seminar slapped me with my own weaknesses. I can’t fully comprehend the methodologies and terms used. I also can’t keep in pace with the conversations of the vice presidents and managers.

I guess I have to do my share now. I have to educate myself so that my job would love me in return. I should also learn to overcome those pieces of intimidation. At the end of the day, I have to believe and work my way. I have to devise my own means to cross that unfathomable ocean.


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