It’s my first birthday!

I have a reason to celebrate. This blog turns a year older today!!!! Yipee! This post signifies that I survived a year of blogging. I started a number of blogs in the past. I had blogs from different online platforms such as Friendster, Multiply, Livejournal and Blogger. I began with high level of enthusiasm in updating each of these blogs. For some reason, I ended up losing my interest and letting those blogs fade away.

I almost lost interest in maintaining this account. When I decided to reopen my Blogger account, I was in the brink of deleting this blog. I gained more followers in Blogger and the platform was relatively easy to navigate. But since WordPress marked the beginning of my renewed interest in blogging, I decided not to give up. In effect, I am here! I am happy to say that I survived!

To celebrate my year in blogging, I am subjecting myself to a challenge. Have you watched Julia and Julie? The challenge I will undertake is similar to what Julie had engaged. Julie made a 365 consecutive days of cooking and blogging. Julie survived and was able to cook all of recipes in Julia’s famous book.

In my case, I chose to take baby steps. I am subjecting myself to a 30 day blog challenge. My task is to write an entry for 30 consecutive days. I don’t want to lose my interest in blogging again. So hopefully this challenge will encourage and empower me to continue blogging. If I survive, this means that I can carry on blogging. A big good luck to myself! 🙂

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