I still choose Passion and Ambition

I was watching the late night news in a local channel when a topic close to my heart caught my attention. One of the news features tackled the most enrolled courses vs. the high paying jobs in the country. I am familiar with the trending of the results because my job entailed constant monitoring of education related data. Statistics related that the most enrolled courses do not necessarily provide promising job opportunities.  The high paying and in demand jobs are not found in the field of the most enrolled courses.

After the presentation of key statistics, the news anchor coined a suggestion to schools and incoming college students. She insinuated the possibility that the Guidance Office of each school should discourage students from taking courses that are not highly in demand in the labor market.

She is partly correct. We should inform students of what courses appear to be in demand in the industry. However, dictating the students on what course to pursue is something I will never support.

In the first place Madam Journalist, the role of the Guidance Office is to support students in discovering their hidden talents and interests. To dictate what students should become in the future cannot be considered a supporting mechanism. It’s a maneuvering act that hinders students to learn and unleash their real passion in life. If all students are forced to take only the in demand courses, imagine what kind of labor economy are we producing. We might as well prove that we are a lame nation comprised by citizens who have nothing in mind but money.

Jobs that require a license in Accountancy and Engineering appeared highly demanded in the next years. Imagine if all students will take Accountancy and Engineering. Assuming that will prevail, we might as well forget having another Juan Luna and Nick Joaquin. We might end as a nation who are slaves of the labor market trend.

Had she forgotten the words “passion” and”ambition”?

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