There is still Compassion left in this world

I learned of this event through one of my friends in my Blogger account. Thanks Duni.

I intend to write a post about a modern day experience on Compassion. I will particularly relate the story of an anonymous Filipino family who have depicted the real meaning of love, generosity, selflessness and compassion.

Have you heard of the Zapp family?

The Zapps are known as the traveling family. The family led by the Argentinian couple, Herman and Candelaria, and their children, Pampa, Pewe, Paloma and Wallaby have crossed continents with their 83-year old vintage car. The car proves to be so versatile because it serves as a living and bed room at the same time. The car is being shipped as they move across countries.

I will forever be thankful to the Zapp family because they have proudly mentioned that Filipinos are one of the most compassionate people in the world. An article from Daily Mail UK mentioned that the couple will never forget the Filipino family who adopted them during their stay in the Philippines. According to Herman and Candelaria, the Filipino couple gave their lone room and piece of meat for the Zapps.The Filipino couple was even apologetic for not being able to provide much during their stay.

Not all people even knew the existence of my country. The international media also rarely mentions positive things about my country. Most of the time, it’s the bad news and all those negativity that gives exposure to my country.

The Philippines is a third-world country. We don’t have equal resources and technology with that of Japan and other European countries. But at the end of the day, what I can be proud of my country is my fellowmen, who have a compassionate heart. We don’t have much in life but our hearts are always overflowing with love and compassion.

One of my simple wishes is that more people will have the heart of the the anonymous Filipino couple. They have proven that deprivation of earthly goods will never be a hindrance to have a compassionate heart. We are all capable to love and possess a compassionate heart.

Source of Information

Are we there yet? Couple travel the world for 11 years having four children along the way.. and they’re still going by Oliver Tree of Daily Mail UK


One thought on “There is still Compassion left in this world

  1. wow i WAS touched by this post..i didnt know the Zapp family but from your story I know how grateful they are from the treatment of our fellow Filipino .I’m always proud of being one,though as you say we lack material goods,still we’re overflowing of love and compassion.
    nice post..

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