I was wrong with Twitter

I’m still new to Twitter. I opened a Twitter account for the sake of fulfilling my curious instincts. I remember my friend Anne telling me that a lot of people have been asking for her Twitter account. In one idle and boring work day, I decided to sign up and explore Twitter. At that time, I never had the idea of what will I get out of it.

My initial impression to Twitter was it’s a mere platform where you could throw those status messages like in Facebook. It is nothing but an account that showcases you and your followers’ status messages. I even ended up comparing Twitter to Facebook. My initial opinion was Twitter is an unnecessary account. Why open a Twitter account when you have a Facebook account that enables you experience more than posting status messages? Hence, I ended up maintaining a dormant Twitter account.

Twitter is limited to one function. However, I failed to foresee and realize that the lone service Twitter provides would later on become one of the most powerful communication tools in my country and even the rest of the world. I was blinded by my criticism over Twitter’s singular function. In effect, I failed to realize its after effects; the benefits and its impacts to the community.

Gradually, I started to hear celebrities, journalists, and different organizations announcing their Twitter accounts and requesting people to follow them. Again, out of curiosity, my Twitter account became active when I started following people and organizations that interest me. I followed the official accounts of Paolo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks (whom I learned that even his unpublished works are beginning to have movie tie ups already), and Harvard Research.

Later on, I realized that Twitter does not only provide me an opportunity to type and announce my status messages. I failed to see that Twitter will keep me informed of the daily activities of people that interest me. Twitter in one way or another enabled fans like me to be informed of the activities, thoughts and the life of the people we admire. Twitter broke that impossible dream of fans to reach and communicate with the people they look up to.

Twitter also gives my daily dose of fast updated news from both the local and international level. I am easily informed of the happenings even without a TV or a radio. Remember that bloody hostage taking incident at the Quirino Grandstand? Twitter kept me updated even though I was stuck in the office. The winning of Venus Raj in the Miss Universe pageant! I easily learned the news just because I was following other people watching it. How about Manny Pacquiao’s victory? The people I followed at Twitter gave me almost live feed on the progress of the game.

On the downside, it can’t be denied that Twitter also served as a means to inflict harm to other people and even to destroying our own reputation. Remember the incident that involved Mai Mislang? She used to be a silent presidential staff. However, she became one of the most hated personalities because of just tweeting harsh things against Vietnam. How about the controversial tweets of Cristine Reyes against Sarah Geronimo? Cristine gave the entire Philippines a feast of gossips and intrigues. But I think in such situations mentioned, the users are the one to blame. Twitter’s main responsibility is to provide a platform. It’s already the responsibility of the user on how he will be able to maximize the benefit of the technology.

Twitter’s real downside is attributed on those situations when their system overloads and crashes as a result of too many users. Have you encountered anything from these,

I will never forget this whale. Seeing this message adds up to my daily small doses of irritation. I can’t send my tweets unless the birds are able to transport that gigantic creature.

And also this robocat? This cute figure also brings in some cute annoyance which when accumulates would agitate you.

To give an avenue for self-expression through a limited number of characters is basically the function of Twitter. However, its one function provided different impacts to the community For companies, Twitter is now used as a reliable feedback mechanism. I find companies announcing the schedule of their sale, promos and answering customer complaints. Fully Booked and National Bookstore Philippines best exemplify such traits.

Different businesses in the form of web and software applications also emerged out of Twitter. TweetDeck, Hootsuite. Twitteriffic, UberTwitter are some of the alternative sites which Twitterers could use  apart from Twitter’s own webpage. During those times when Twitter’s main site was bugging, I was one of the many people who resorted in these applications.  

As contained in their homepage, Twitter is the best way to discover what’s new in your world. True enough, Twitter is just a 60 character medium that provides access to a universe of lives to every single individual that enters it.

3 thoughts on “I was wrong with Twitter

  1. Twitter like most Social Networking Sites can be beneficial when used and maximized properly, but can be harmful when used for one’s own interest.

    Just dropping by. Nice blog 🙂

    1. Hi irishprecious! Thanks for the comment. I rarely got comments, visits and even accidental stumbles in my blog. You too have a nice blog too. I read your Pieces of Me section and you gave me a good laugh in this line

      “UP ka pala, san Diliman?

      Hindi ah, UP Manila! 🙂 Hindi ko pagpapalit ang polusyon ng taft sa mga puno ng Diliman o kahit LB pa.. One more thing, walking distance lang kami from Robinson’s Manila.”

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